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I really enjoyed this book, there was a lot of great insight I was able to appreciate from this author. I think this book showed the need for educators to be concerned with the need to teach to the African American youth. Many times these children come from very challenging environments; however that should not be a reason to just give up on them or to assume that they cannot be successful academically. I especially enjoyed the way Ladson-Billings wrote this book from several different perspectives, those being a parent, a scholar/teacher, and a student with accounts from her own childhood school experiences because it helped me as the reader to understand where she was coming from and why she feels the way she does regarding different issues.

Ladson-Billings dealt primarily with the term culturally relevant teaching throughout her book. My definition of this term would be one in which teachers who acknowledge other cultures and differences each person brings into a classroom will create an environment that fosters improved relations with students of varied backgrounds. Each of the teachers mentioned throughout the book shared their approach to teaching differently, however they did so in such a way that maintains and reinforces the students' cultural identities. Entering the field of education I found this book to be a great motivator for me on what it takes to be a successful teacher to all children. I think this book opened my eyes up to the reality that just because someone is different than you, whether that difference comes in the form of a disability or in the case of this book culturally, all people should be given the same opportunities to learn regardless of those differences.

There were three primary issues in this book the author discussed. First, the aspect of culturally relevant teaching through the teachers' conceptions of themselves and others. Each of the teachers takes their profession seriously and this is evident through the high standards they have not only for themselves but for their students as well. Each believes their students are capable of being successful academically and they teach for that. It is very important that they give back to the community and they stress to their students to do the same and emphasis the importance of it. They all seem to view their teaching as a form of art and not just teaching through the different instructional methods they use.

Second, the aspect of culturally relevant teaching from the manner in which classroom social interactions are structured. This is seen through the accounts that Ladson-Billings describes in her book. Students being teamed together to help each other with reading and for each person to not only be responsible for themselves, but for others as well. They encourage the community of learner's aspect which is designed to help students learn through cooperation, share their knowledge and skills and learn from each other. The community of learners is not just composed of students, but also parents, teachers and others.

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Finally the aspect of culturally relevant teaching from the teachers' conception of knowledge. As in the book the conceptions of knowledge of a culturally relevant teacher are ones which are continuously re-created, recycled and shared by teachers and students. It's not static and unchanging. The teachers are compassionate about the content they are teaching, and help students develop the necessary skills they need to be successful. They take all student diversity and individual differences into account when they teach (Ladson-Billings, p. 81).

There were two nagging questions that I had while reading this book. First, was there a reason as to why all the teachers were women? I understand how each of them was selected, but I found it odd that no parent or principal felt that a male was deemed an effective teacher to their children. Could this be because the schools that were looked at in the community were primarily elementary and you don't find many men who teach elementary school? Second, why don't administrators and teachers who put the curriculums together include teachings of different cultures to make sure that all children are exposed to them? I don't mean only recognizing certain days or holidays, but include different cultures in the regular curriculum. I at least know in a physical education environment we could incorporate this through our dance curriculum by teaching different cultural dances and giving some history to them.

This topic has a huge implication in teaching. If we are learning to become teachers I feel it's important to learn about this issue because our students are not always going to be white. The majority of students in the 5 largest public school systems are students of color (Ladson-Billings, 14), and for this reason we as future educators should be made aware of the differences through our teacher preparation education.

Overall I felt this was an excellent book and I would recommend it to any person going into the field of education. It shows there is a need to be aware of different cultures and to teach about them.

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