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The Law Marijuana should be legal because it helps people relieve stress. It helps cancer patients and people who have aids, relieve pain, and many drugs that are legal now, are more dangerous and cause worse side effects than marijuana. But we have to consider the fact that legalizing marijuana has been a very big controversy over this decade. Many people, who are against it, argue that there are many risks to our health and as any other dangerous drug, should not become legal. However, there are also a few that oppose that opinion, because of the benefits, that it relieves stress, and can be used for medical purposes.

I smoke everyday, said Ted, a 6-year-old computer technician from Kalamazoo, who asked that his last name not be used. He attended Hash Bash with friends to support the legalization of marijuana. I like the way it makes me feel. It relieves stress and helps me with my (Attention Deficit Disorder). (The Michigan Daily, April , 000). Many people agree that marijuana relieves pain. "Not only is it a substitute aspirin, but also instead of making you violent like other drugs, it makes you mellow and friendly". (Irlinskiy, December 10, 00) But according to Neil Graves (New York Post), nearly 60% of Americans still want marijuana possession to be considered a criminal offense but 4% now favor complete legalization. Here are some more polls that were taken from the New York Post

186 78% opposed legalization

18% supported

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00 7% Americans felt that people arrested with small amounts of marijuana should not be faced with any jail time

1% favored sending pot smokers "up the river"

Cancer and Aids patients can definitely benefit by using marijuana. Cancer is a very painful disease and people with cancer have no desire to eat. Marijuana relieves some of that pain and stimulates their appetites. A doctor should be able to prescribe something that he thinks will help his patient? According to the New York Times, "The Appeals Court said the Federal government may not use threats of professional discipline to override such laws. Under the First Amendment, the court said, physicians must be able to speak frankly and openly to patients", otherwise it goes against the constitution. This is a no win situation, just like the abortion law. There are people who will always be against it, and there will always be those in favor.

"Alcohol does more damage in many areas of society than drugs, particularly marijuana, but we treat marijuana as much worse, and that's because it's associated with the counterculture", claims Barney Frank, a Democratic Congressman of Massachusetts. Of course this doesn't mean that it is good, but stricter laws should be passed for alcohol if it's worse. In addition, the effects of alcohol are still worse. People under the influence of alcohol their system are more likely to lose control than those on marijuana. According to Canadian Content, there was a study done in England by a private group. They took 00 individuals, 100 of whom smoked marijuana, and 100 of who did not.

They made a driving course about km long, winding and very hard to navigate, theyhad set no speed limits for the drivers. Out of the 100 people who did not smoke marijuana that took the course 50% of them hit pylons and they had an average speed of 4kmph. Out of the 100 people who did smoke marijuana before taking the driving test, 0% of them hit pylons and the average speed was 8kmph. Time magazine says that the government rejected the study of marijuana because it wants to "avoid any challenge to its view that pot is dangerous and medically useless".

Why is the government so against legalizing marijuana for medical purposes? One reason is that scientists claim that marijuana often leads to other harder drug use like heroin and cocaine. When people first try marijuana, they want to experience a better high. Another reason, marijuana has not been fully studied since it has been illegal. So scientists do not really know the full side effects of smoking this drug. They cannot make a conclusion that it is worse than cigarettes and they cannot say that it has psychological effects. And lastly, Time magazine claims that the government is keeping marijuana illegal because it wants to keep its giant drug-war bureaucracy. Therefore since studies have shown that marijuana can relieve stress, helps cancer patients and people with aids relieve pain, and has also been proven less dangerous than other drugs on the market, as well as alcohol which is illegal marijuana should become legal.

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