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Short term memory

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Short Term 1

Short Term Memory

Memory is something I have always wondered about. Im going to explain a little bit about short term memory. Short Term Memory refers to a process that can hold a limited amount of information, an average of seven items for only a short period of time. The memory can last - 0 seconds in your head before you forget or it disappears. It will not disappear if you transfer it to the permanent storage called the long term memory. You must pay attention to the object or information , if not then it will be lost. Maintenance rehearsal is a key to keeping the information inside the memory. Maintenance rehearsal is the practice of repeating or rehearsing information for it to stay longer. This can also increase the amount of time information will be stored in the short term memory too. " Recent studies using brain scans found that when you use working memory to perform a variety of cognitive tasks, maximum neural activity occurs in various areas of the prefrontal cortex ( Nyberg &Cabeza, 000)." "One of the main reasons why information disappears from short term memory is interference ( Estevez & Calvo, 000)." Interference is new information that overwrites information that is already there.

The other way to remember information is chunking. Chunking is combining separate items of information into a larger one. Its just chunks of information to remember. This also helps increase the short term memory. Chunking is where I can take like 0 numbers and try to remember them all at once, then take another 0 numbers and try to remember them too. I have used this method to study my definitions for my classes on the test. It makes me remember a lot more then trying to learn them all at once. Short term memory has to do with the front part of my brain. So when I store information it is in the front of my brain.

There are functions of short term memory. "The first is Attending, is to selectively attend to information that is relevant and disregard everything else." Meaning to put more concentration in something and tune everything else out. Next is Rehearsal, which I have already talked about earlier to be able to increase your short term memory. This is a process of repeating information to your self over and over again to you don't forget. Storing is the next function, which is information that you have stored for a period of time until you decide what to do with it. If you rehearse it will increase the chances of being stored for a longer period.

I use my short term memory in lots of things. I use it most in test times with school. I try to cram everything in the day before by rehearsing the answers in my head so that I will remember them. After the tests I usually forget the answers because I concentrate on something else or different answers to something else. There has been times where I forget my cell phone some where because Im concerned with something else or something is just on my mind. My short term memory needs to be increased. This way I would not forget as much as I usually do.

Short Term

I am going to try to increase my memory by rehearsing and paying more attention to things I need to know. That way I wont forget anything important anymore. This will help for test scores, misplaced items and memory's. My little memory's need to be remember too.

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