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Lands of grave

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If I could be anything in the world

I would want to be a teardrop

because I would be born in your eyes,

live on your cheeks,

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and die on your lips.

It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone - but takes a lifetime to forget Someone.

You will never know true happiness until you have truly loved, and you will never understand what pain really is until you have lost it.

No one can tell anyone what love is; you will simply know it when you feel nothing else.

Dont spend your life with someone you can live with - spend it with the one you cant live without.

I dropped a tear in the ocean...when they find it Ill stop loving you...

Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop.

If you ask me about love, I cant answer you. But if you ask me who I love, the answer is you.

when i said i loved u,

it was a lie.

lust is what

i felt inside.

im still wondering

what love is,

this couldnt have been it,

it wasnt all bliss.

we definitely wouldnt

be good together;

the two of us mixing

was like bad weather.

u were snow,

and i was the sun.

the task of staying together

could never be done.

if i say this over and over,

maybe ill believe.

ill get out of this okay, if i can deceive me.

I never really knew you

You were just another friend

But when I got to know you,

I let my heart unbend.

I couldnt help past memories

that would only make me cry

I had to forget my first love

and give love another try

So Ive fallen in love with you

and Ill never let you go

I love you more than anyone

I just had to let you know

And if you ever wonder why

I dont know what Ill say

But Ill never stop loving you

each and every day

My feelings for you will never change

Just know my feelings are true

Just remember one thing

I Love You!

So confused

Not knowing what to do

I love you so much

But I love him too

Most of the time

all we ever do is fight

I really dont have a clue

on how to make it right

I want to be with you

But he is never off my mind

Im sorry that I am hurting you

Im sorry Im that kind

Why do I still love my ex

I ask myself everyday

I have you now

But I just want to hold him and say

I miss you so much

You are the love of my life

I want to be with you forever

I want to be your wife

He would never hurt me

Curse at me or lie

So that is why I have to say

Im sorry and good-bye.

If ever you need me,

Ill be right here,

To chase away the sadness,

And wipe away a tear.

If ever you need me,

Ill be two steps behind,

To follow in your footsteps,

And hear whats on your mind.

If ever you need me,

Youll never have to fear,

That your presence isnt important,

And your love isnt dear.

If ever you need me,

Ill always be around,

To bring back the laughter,

Where deep in your heart its found.

Youll never have to worry,

For Ill always be here,

To chase away the sadness,

And wipe away a tear.

As the years pass,

and we grow apart,

I want you to know,

that youre in my heart.

You helped me through problems,

through things good and bad.

You helped me keep smiling,

when I was sad.

You helped me with guys.

You made me stay strong.

How will I live,

when you are gone?

And where the years take us,

No place is too far,

We will think of each other,

wherever we are.

Youre a wonderful person,

with a good heart to lend,

And I want you to know,

Youre a really good friend.

If u like a person, and u tell them... they hate u afterwards... if u like a person, and dont tell them, u find out they liked u, and now u lost ur chance............and they wonder why I am so fcking confused!!!

Open your legs

Got me watchin like its a million, you tremble from the feelin

Look up, cause I got mirrors on the ceiling

And if you willin, then we can ride until the sun shine

And just for fun, I betchu I can make you cum sixty-one times

Close your eyes, let me heat it up

Cause when we fuck I refuse to bust a nut until I beat it up

Drop the top, time to fuck while the wind blow

Baby throw yo legs out the window

Remember on the balcony, bend over baby bounce on me

And let me hit it where it counts and flee

Remember me? I Get Around, and Im haunted by my temptations

Sexual participation, my motivation

Even though I like the way you work it

You dont deserve it cause you walk around actin like you perfect

You want me to lick it and even worse

Got your heart set on me goin first, and that aint no fair exchange

. If I cried like a baby

. would you change your mind?

. If I told you Im crazy

. would you come running back to me?

. The harder I try to break away

. the more I get lost in yesterday

. The man that you know is just a shell

. living without your life is hell

. I turn on the radio just to take the hurt away

. Another night and Im missing you

. Girl, its killing me, well

. I dont wanna die tonight

. but I think I might be going down

. Cause the only one I ever cared about

. is nowhere to be found

. I dont wanna close my eyes

. cause I might not see the light of day

. Im almost out of air

. Youre my reason for breathing

. Youre my reason for breathing

Last night I had a dream that we went to Disneyland,

Went on all the rides, didnt have to wait in line.

I drove you to your house

where we stared up at the stars

I listened to your heartbeat

as I held you in my arms.

These are the things that make me free

I feel like Im stuck in stand by me

This night was too good to be true.

Today I woke up alone

wishing you were here with me,

I wanted us to be something

that wed probably never be.

Today you called me up

and said youd see me

But now Im stuck debating if I even wanna go.

dont you understand that what I say is true?

I just want you to know

I have a major crush on you.

I only wish that this could be

Just dump your boyfriend and go out with me

I swear Id treat you like a queen.

Whats wrong wit me

Nothin I can see

Thats why

Im askin you to tell me

It must be

Beyond what the eye can see

Maybe thats why

Youre better than I

How stupid could I be

Thinkin someone like youd

Be interested in me

I jus had a sudden glimpse of reality

That Im destined to be


As far as I can see

Dont worry

Youll easily forget about me

Move on wit life

And, saddened

By how much of your time

Was wasted

By me

My girlfriends name, was Michelle

Her booty was bigger than the tail on a whale

When I freaked Michelle, I freaked her well

Her pussy got hotter than the flames of Hell

can see where this is goin

If stayed true to this assumption

Im sorry for yernin

And, all the times I kept buggin

Sorry for wantin to know more about you

And, for the fact that I cant turn hints into clues

But im closer now

To the harsh reality

Not wantin to be true

But what seems like the inevitable

Between me n' you

So I guess all that's left to say is ill stop buggin you.

If that's your wish

It finally came true

No hard feelings…

Jus wasn't meant to be

Maybe in another lifetime or world possibly…?

without trust

u always cheated

u always lied u only apologized when i cried

i was always the one to blame

always the one who should feel ashamed

but i will no longer

because i kno all this isnt fair

so really i no longer care

and now ur cryin back for me to stay

guess u kno now how i felt

for all the times u pushed me away

so pleez understand

that there is no more us

because i wont be with someone

i know i cant trust

Everything was simple

Everything was fine

I knew I couldnt have you

And I knew why

I tried to move on

I dated other guys

But then wed hang out

And I knew, to myself I lied.

You noticed me drifting

You said please explain

But, I didnt want to loose you

So, I tried to deal with the pain.

Its hard to be with you

It gets harder each day

When I look in your eyes

I feel my body floating away

I miss the way it used to be

You dont feel the change

You dont know I really love you

Im sure to you, its just a game

As I close my eyes tonight

Ill pray as I was taught to do

Ill pray that you realize that

I love you, but I cant have you

how can i say im sorry

when i know that u dont care

now that i have done u wrong

how can i say these feelings that i share

i cannot say i love you

nor that i really care

cause my words would mean as much to you

as a layer of thin air

how can i say good-bye

i face my worst fear

i will lose all the feelings

that i hold so near

how can i let go

of somethin that was true

how can i forget these feelings

that i still hold for u

i guess its really over

im left alone and sad

yet i still think of us

and all the times we had

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