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From the director of Steven P. Saeta presents the epic story of spider man. Peter Parker played by Tobey Maguire portrays a normal teenage boy who lives with his relatives, Aunt May played by Rosemary Harris and her husband Ben played by Eliff Roberton. Peter lives next door to the girl of his dreams named M.J short for Mary Jane Watson played by Kirsten Dunst, she is the most popular girl in school¡K. unfortunately her parents are mean cruel and loud. She is constantly getting yelled at by them and wishes to move out to the city and be an actress. Harry Osborn is Peter bests friend and maybe his only friend, Harry and Peter both has a crush on M.J but Harrys crush isn¡¦t as big as Peters. Mr. Osborn is the father of Harry he owns and started the company OSCORP that specializes in military weapons like their new creation the gliger equipped with the exoskeleton, which makes it the best weapon ever. Lately OSCORP is having some troubles because the lieutenant will not sign their contract for their new weapon.

Peter obtains his spider techniques when he went on a field trip to a place where they keep unique spiders and they had made a new species of spiders a bit like super spiders. Then Harry told peter to talk to M.J the girl of his dreams but instead he asked for a picture while he was taking this picture he got bitten by one of the super spiders that had escaped from their glass cage.

Peter had then felt dizzy at start and almost had got unconscious at the start but after he got some rest he had never been better in his life for instance he had bad eye sight before so he needed prescription glasses but now his eyes are better than ever and his body shape has improved as well even with out working out. Then when he woke up the next day he had to do the thing he had always had to do run to catch the bus but this time he didn¡¦t make it.

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Peter finally realizes that he is stronger and faster than usual when he had beaten up the strongest guy in the school. He didn¡¦t mean to beat him up so he ran like the man he is, when he came to a stop he looked at the spider and thought about it then he found he had the amazing ability to climb vertical walls¡K¡K¡K. Without support.

When Mr. Osborn had found out that he was going to be fired he was furious. He had also found out that the military was going to sign a different contract to a military weapon. So now he seeks revenge with his gliger and exoskeleton equipped with explosives.

These movie techniques are manly obtained from the marvel comics of spider-man although basically all the shots were taken from the characters point of view from start to finish like how spider-man swings through the skyscrapers of New York. The special effects absolutely stunning although sometimes when spider-man climbs the walls u can tell that it was digitally created.

This movie spider-man actually has a point in real life it tells us

¡§ With great power comes great responsibility ¡§ I think this quote has to should be known everywhere because it applies to everyone for instance if you are a policeman you have great power in your hands and that comes with great responsibility because if they don¡¦t have responsibility the world would become a total wreck.

If you are a person that loves an action, adventure and romance this is the movie for you. Spider-man would be a great family movie only if all the family members were over 1 years of age.

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