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Ephedrine is a drug that stimulates the nervous system and increases the heart rate. Ephedrine comes from an herb called Ma Huang. This drug is a popular dietary supplement in the United States and has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. There are many different opinions on the dangers of ephedrine products. Some think that they are completely safe when used correctly, while others believe that ephedrine products are dangerous and will cause many problems even when used correctly. The long term effects of ephedrine products are unknown, but some are becoming clear. There have been many reports about heart attacks, strokes, and even deaths caused by ephedrine. So should ephedrine be allowed to be sold over the counter?

The ephedrine alkaloids in ephedrine act as a mild stimulant, with effects similar to caffeine. Ephedrine products can enhance energy and, when used with a healthy diet, they can lead to weight loss. Obesity is a major problem in the United States today. More and more people are overweight. The Surgeon General reports that obesity is higher then ever in adults as well as children. Ephedrine is also used as medicine against asthma, allergies, and hay fever. If ephedrine products can help these problems then it should be legal. However, recent studies show that many people are seriously injured by the use of ephedrine. Before 14 ephedrine suppliers could make wide ranging health claims about the product that have no scientific basis. Nor is their any mention of the potential for dangerous side effects. Now the FDA has authority to stop distribution of unsafe dietary supplements. But is the FDA moving fast enough? If dietary supplements are being regulated then more people will think they are safe. If people who are using the product

feel good and start to lose weight, then they will continue to use the product or use more of the product.

I do not think that ephedrine should be illegal. If people want to use the drug there will still be ways to get it and misuse it. For example, marijuana is illegal and people know it is illegal, but they can still get it anywhere. And because it is illegal it is more fun to use and abuse. Making ephedrine illegal may not increase the problem, but I do not think it will help stop ephedrine misuse. If it is taken off store shelves, people will still find ways to get it. I think that ephedrine should have more regulations on it. Instead of being able to walk into a store and pick it up, it should be behind a pharmacy counter. This would reduce the chance of minors being able to obtain ephedrine. Another way to decrease the misuse of ephedrine is to only allow ephedrine to be obtained by a doctor's prescription. Ephedrine is not for everyone, so if a doctor determines that your body can not handle the effects of ephedrine, then you can not obtain it. The dangers of ephedrine are becoming clearer to everyone in the world. I think people need to be more educated on the effects and possible dangers ephedrine can have. This way if people know what could happen to them, then they will be less likely to use the drug.

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In summary, ephedrine is a dangerous drug that needs to have more regulation on its availability and use. People need to know that ephedrine is not for everyone and can have stronger effects on different people. The use of ephedrine is increasing and so is the death rate, so the regulations on ephedrine today are obviously not working. Ephedrine use can be decreased by placing a few more regulations on it.

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