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Local industries are very important in the community of Lenk. Some industries provide food and beverages, and some provide shelter for the people in Lenk.

One of the very important industries is the Dairy industry.

There are many different industries for cheese in Lenk and most of them make different types of cheese, e.g. soft cheese, hard cheese……etc. Here are some of the more known cheese industries in Lenk

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· Industry Aeschlimann, Reutingen

· Cheese producer Kipfer, Amsoldingen

· Soft cheese industry, Gerzensee

Cheese is made by a very complicated, and difficult process.

Milk is separated and standardised to obtain the desired fat content for the cheese. Some producers also add or remove protein to obtain a desired protein level. It is then pasteurised and transferred to tanks where starter culture and a rennet enzyme is added.

Rennet is usually taken from the stomach of calves, reacts with the casein protein in the milk to make it into curd, the main element of cheese. This curd also contains a large proportion of whey, a watery substance full of sugar.

The whey is separated from the curd by cutting it. The finer the cuts, the larger the total surface of the curd becomes and therefore the more whey can be released.

For the softer types of cheese the curd is hardly cut at all. For the hard cheeses it is first cut into large pieces and then gradually cut into smaller ones, taking as much whey from the cheese as possible.

After the cutting step the curd is cooked, using a cover of heated water around the vat. This is done to expel moisture.

Once fairly solid mass of curd is obtained, it is pressed to expel further whey. This is either done in block forming towers (dry salt production) or collected in moulds and pressed further (brine salt production).

Salt is added before this process in dry salt production while brine salt production sees the cheese being immersed in a brine solution after being in moulds.

The cheese is left to ripen in a temperature-controlled environment. This ripening period allows the various enzymes, acids and bacteria to spread throughout the cheese, developing each cheeses distinctive taste.

Lenk supports this industry heavily because Lenk needs food and the town is known for making very good dairy products. The community of Lenk buys these dairy products, which include cheese. The companies have to keep making these products so that there is enough for everybody.

The milk industry also helps the community. Milk is important because it is a growth supplement for children because of the calcium in the milk, but to get the milk, the companies have to work together with the farmers.

First the farmers give the cows grass to eat, so that the cows can produce milk, then the farmer milks the cows with a milking machine. Then the milk goes to the milk producers, who use a complicated procedure to make the milk drinkable.

Milk to be used for fluid purposes or in the manufacture of most dairy foods is pasteurised. There is still a small demand for raw milk cheddar cheese; however, bacteria are destroyed during the cheese manufacturing process.

Pasteurisation is one of the most important steps in processing milk. It greatly improves milks preserving quality by effectively destroying virtually all disease-producing (and most other) bacteria. It does not affect the quality neither the quantity of calcium, protein, riboflavin and vitamin A present in fluid milk, but some vitamin C and thiamin are destroyed at the high pasteurisation temperatures.

Fluid milk sold in Canada is usually pasteurised by one of two methods. The most modern, used by the majority of dairies, is known as High Temperature Short Time(HTST) pasteurisation. Milk is heated to not less than 7 oC and held for not less than 16 seconds; then cooled rapidly to 4.44 o C. For maximum flavour retention, large dairies report that pasteurisation temperatures do not exceed 7.4 C. The other method, used in small plant operations, involves heating the milk to a least 6.7 C holding it for not less than 0 minutes, and then cooling it rapidly to 4.44 C. (These processes are also used in Switzerland).

Homogenisation involves pumping milk, under pressure, through very small openings, breaking the fat into minute globules, which are immediately surrounded by a film of protein that prevents them from reuniting. Because the new emulsion is more stable, a cream layer does not form upon standing (even after 48 hours of storage). When whole milk is not homogenized, it is referred to as standard or cream-line milk because the lighter fat globules rise and form a distinct cream layer.

The tourism industry is a very broad industry in Lank. A lot of Lenk people are against this industry because they think it destroys Lenk, but a lot of people support this industry because they think that if more tourists come to Lenk it will make Lenk more popular and, if more tourists come to Lenk more money comes to Lenk, which means that the Lenk community doesn't have to pay as much taxes as they would if less tourists would visit them.

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