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Book "A Death In The House"

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"A Death in the House"

It happened few years ago in the beautiful town on the small island on Mediterranean Sea.

It was a great town full of amazing people. Nearby, there was a big forest with green grasslands, tall trees, the most colorful flowers, these wild animals, fresh air and the water, which was so clear that you could see the reflection of that blue cloudy sky in it. There was a small wooden house in the middle of that forest and an old man named Tom lived inside of it, separated from the rest of the town.

He was living there by himself, because few years ago his wife passed away. The years were very hard for him and some people thought that the man was crazy. Nobody really visited him. He didn't have any family who would live close enough, any friends and the people from town, you could say, were afraid of him. Except a mailman who went to his house once a week to drop of mails. The man spent most of his time hunting, fishing or if not he stayed at his little house or he was planting plants. Those tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables were huge and they tasted really good; the landscape looked really beautiful down there.

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During one of cold nights, the sky was clear and you could see a lot of shiny stars. Tom like always was sitting on his favorite chair reading a book, because they didn't have TV's back then. Suddenly he heard whispering, and tapping into the window. He stood up, but everything got stopped. Then it started again and also the light were out; suddenly everything turned black. A man didn't know what was happening so he lighten up the candle, took his gun and he saw…

Two days later it was a stormy day and the mailman was passing through his house and saw that the doors to an old man's house were open, he knocked but nobody walked out so he made a step forward because he knew already that something wasn't like it was suppose to be and he was curious what it was. It was really strange that he wasn't home because in this rainy day he shouldn't be hunting or fishing. A mailman went one step more into the house and he saw burned candle laying down on the floor and a weird sign next to it. It didn't really say anything but it looked like it was a circle with a cross inside of it. This scared a mailman really bad that he tripped down, but he got up really quickly and run away. He knew then, that an old Tom disappeared somehow but he didn't know what was that thing to made him to disappear. Later the news about Tom's death spread really quickly around the town and people were even more afraid then they were before, but some people wanted to check out the house.

One day it was the same day of a June a couple of kids went down there to explore, as all kids always want an adventure full of excitement. It was getting darker and darker and their parents started to worry about what was going on with them. They didn't come back on the next day so searches began. They didn't find the kids so they were noted as missing and later dead.

Every year there was something weird going on around that house. You could hear screaming people who were yelling for help but nobody could help them, nobody could explain what it was and why so many people disappeared. Every year there's somebody who explores that region and never comes back but there are few exceptions that did come back and their lives changed forever. Nobody knows why and nobody knows who or what is hiding there, whose taking lives of all of those people. The one thing you might do is to check it out by yourself in one of those scary, mysterious nights of June. Have that feeling of being afraid, of never coming back and at the same time have a feeling of excitement and finding out what it is, what's hiding in these woods on that magic island…

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