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Limits to Growth

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" The only limits to growth are the limits of the human imagination."

Mankind has never failed to overcome obstacles that nature has thrown its way. As population growth becomes an increasingly pressing issue, each nation's level of development will dictate their ability to handle its natural consequences. An African country, like Kenya for instance, is not capable of handling a population explosion for various reasons. A nation from Asia, like China, would perhaps be better equipped. A North American country, like the United States, is able to handle population problems quite easily due to their level of development. The measure of the human imagination is the only thing that can limit population growth.

Kenya is an under developed nation in the heart of Africa. It recorded the highest growth rate ever at 4. percent in 188. In the last fifty years, its population has increased sixfold. Despite efforts to reduce its growth rate, it is still relatively high at . percent. Kenya cannot support its rapidly expanding populace. It simply does not have enough resources or opportunities for the new generations. Kenya has recognized its inability to maintain its growing population and has also recognized that this growth will only hinder economic development and improved health. Already, Kenya is struggling to provide for its current number of people. Its standard of living is low, and many are in poor health due to expensive and inaccessible healthcare facilities. Education is not affordable as school fees are too expensive for most families. Few job prospects are on the market, making chances for survival dim. This lack of development has put a limit on growth for this nation. Unless outside help is sought, it is likely this nation will die off on account of resource scarcity. Kenya cannot handle the consequences of a population explosion as their government cannot provide the innovation and technology to support a booming populace. Most of the Kenyan people are uneducated and in poverty. With such poor living conditions, this country cannot risk further deterioration that will inevitably result from a high rate of growth. A developing nation may have a greater chance for survival.

China is an Asian country sporting the largest population in the world. With more than 1. billion people, one-fifth of the world's total, China has managed to implement a one-child policy that has reduced its growth rate significantly. China has undergone massive economic development in the past forty years and but still carries a relatively low standard of living due to rapid population expansion. Its "one-child" policy has been very well enforced and encouraged with benefits to participating families, and penalties for those who do not comply. This policy has also altered women's roles in society, and has given them more opportunities and respect than ever before. China is steadily developing as a nation and is self-sufficient enough to treat its own problems with creative policies and political strategies. Although they are facing a somewhat controversial future, this developing nation will assuredly find a solution to their impending problems. Currently, their growth must be limited for China to have a chance at survival. Once they have their population under control, however, there are no limits to how large this nation can become if their technological advancements and innovations continue. Their ability to deal with a population explosion is still questionable in comparison to a developed country.

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The United States of America is arguably the strongest political and economical power in the world. Its land mass similar to China, whose population is 4.5 times greater. This nation has a population growth of 0.87 percent per year due to births as well as immigration. The only problem the United States will face in the midst of a population explosion is the heavy consumption of its resources. This country, however, has enough technology and money to generate or purchase resources from other parts of the world. America will continue to support itself because of the intelligence and creativity they have implemented in their structure and government. They have taken advantage of science and the human imagination. In this case, there is no limit to growth as no limit exists to the technological and scientific discoveries of mankind.

The Cornucopian Theory states that large populations and high growth rates are no issue to be concerned with, since the earth can support greater numbers than it already does. Limits only exist if science and technology fail to advance. Growth creates jobs, produces materials, and is necessary to end world poverty. Levels of development will determine a nation's ability to handle population growth. A country's ability to maximize the human imagination and intelligence will ultimately define its proficiency in national survival and prosperity. Whether growth is high or low, a developed nation will weather the consequences more readily than a nation that is less developed or still developing.

Growth will only be restricted if mankind fails to be innovative. Lack of technological and scientific advancements in a less developed nation like Kenya will force the government to hinder growth. China, a developing nation, can only grow if creative solutions can be found to their present troubles. A developed country like the United States has no limitations in terms of population growth since they have established no limits to their ingenuity and imagination. If the global community is willing to work together, all borders can be lifted and growth will no longer be an issue.

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