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The taiga is the largest biome and it is also called a coniferous forest. The taiga is located between 50 degrees latitude north and the Arctic Circle. The taiga can be found on the North American, Asian, and European continents. Many coniferous trees, evergreens with needles, grow in the taiga. The taiga is very cold in the winter and when the warm summer comes, the ice and snow melt. The taiga is near the top of the world and in there the average temperature is below freezing for six months of the year. Total yearly precipitation in the taiga is 1 - inches in other words 0 - 85 centimeters. In the taiga there are long winter nights and long summer days because of the slant of the earth on its axis.

Next, decomposition is slow in the taiga because of cold temperatures. Undecayed vegetation builds up on the forest floor making it feel like a sponge. Decomposition is slow here and the soil is thin and missing nutrients. Trees grow taller where warmer temperatures allow for faster decomposition or by streams and rivers, which carry nutrients from higher ground. There is a lack of variety in the taiga especially when compared to other biomes such as the rainforest. However, in the area of alike coniferous trees are strong trees that have adapted to the life in the frozen taiga. Very few species can survive or prosper in this environment.

Life in the taiga can be cold and dull especially with the snow, cold, and the lack of food that makes life very hard and even more in the winter. Some taiga animals migrate south, go into hibernation, or just deal with the environment. It fills up with millions of insects in the summer where they breed in the water. Birds come to the taiga to nest and lay their eggs in the spring and to eat the many insects. There are large mammals such as moose, elk, deer, and bear, and different types of squirrels. A lot of animals have thick fur to protect them from the cold winters. The bear eats lots of salmon in the summer to fatten up for hibernation as some birds depend on the cones of the trees as a source of food. The bobcat changes color (in summer it is brown with dark spots to blend in with the grass and in winter it is white like snow).

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