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Gorse (Ulex europaeus) is a native of Western Europe. It was first introduced as a hedging plant but has now become one of New Zealand¡¦s major economic plant pests, and one of the most costly to control.

Gorse can form dense thickets that restrict grazing and if left uncontrolled will totally suppress pastoral crops. The spiny stems become imbedded in sheep¡¦s wool lowering its value. Gorse also provides habitat for animal pests and presents a fire hazard.

Although gorse is a plant pest, it is also a nitrogen fixer (improving the condition of the soil), a suitable nursery crop for native vegetation and provides a food source for honey bees.

Seven biological control agents have been released to attack gorse. Two feed on seeds (gorse seed weevil and gorse pod moth) and five on foliage (gorse spider mite, gorse thrips, gorse soft shoot moth, gorse hard shoot moth, and gorse colonial hard shoot moth).

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New Zealand is the first county to use most of these agents, so it is two early to know what collective impact the seven agents will have on gorse. In addition, fusarium blight, a naturally occurring fungus, is being developed as a mycoherbicide.

Gorse is an exotic invader from Europe, originally introduced as an ornamental. It is a spiny evergreen shrub in the pea family and is dense and stiff, forming impenetrable thickets. Its erect angular stems have spreading branches ending in thorns. Green leaves take the form of branching spines. Flowers are yellow and shaped like pea-blossoms, clustered near the ends of the branches. They are solitary or with two to three grouped in axils of spines on the preceding years growth. Fruit pods (legumes) resemble pea pods that burst expelling seeds. Roots are very extensive, with woody crowns and nitrogen fixing nodules. Gorse resembles Scotch broom.

Vigorous stands grow outward, crowding out all other vegetation. It forms a center of dry dead vegetation. This, in combination with the oil content of the plant, presents a major fire hazard. In 16 the town of Bandon, Oregon, was burned to the ground; 14 people died and only 16 buildings remained unburned. The disaster was fueled by extensive infestations of gorse.

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