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The citizens of Edmonds Street oppose the city councils proposal to convert the vacant land at the corner of Edmonds and Leigh streets to a city landfill because of the pollution, financial issues, health, safety, wildlife, and our precious community pride.

First of all we need to address the issue of pollution. Pollution is causing us to lose the finer things in life. Air pollution will increase due to the trucks and machinery. Methane gas and carbon monoxide will be very toxic to our lungs. Who wants to walk outside to the smell of fumes in an otherwise nice neighborhood? Water pollution can also be a problem due to the garbage dump. The rain water will create runoff that will seep the hazardous materials into the very water we drink. This can create all types of health problems. The run off from the rain water will also destroy our nice green lawns which will create a whole new problem called land pollution. The hazardous materials will ruin the quality of our soil so that nothing will grow. The dispersal of trash will clutter the streets in high wind and rain storms. The air will be filled with the sounds of noise pollution. Our ears will be in pain from the unpleasant sounds of big trucks and heavy duty machines. Why would we want to bring about all of this mess upon ourselves for no worth while cause?

I would like to propose another serious problem by the creation of the trash dump and that is serious financial issues. The tax base will soar. We the people will be forced to pay for the up keep of the roads were not built to endure such weight and harsh conditions produced by the huge dump trucks. The maintenance of the landfill and the pay of its workers will come straight out of our pockets. We will be hurt from the decrease in property values. Who would want to be near a smelly trash dump?

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Health and safety is another top priority we should consider. Our precious children will face danger. They can endure infectious diseases that could be life threating and also face possible injury from sharp objects that have been thrown away. The flow of traffic along our little streets will rise. This problem will bring about all sorts of new dangers to pedestrians and our pets. Time after time again we have seen our furry friends die because a big truck has accidentally ran over them. Hazardous materials can affect our well being. The groundwater could be contaminated and end up in our drinking water. There is nothing good that can come from the increased chemical fumes in the air. This will help aid in the rise of allergies and asthma which means more doctor trips. The drug addicts will have a new home looking for needles and this will create a feeling of an unsafe environment.

Our wildlife can threat if the land is taken over by trash. Scavengers will be on the rise in our area. The rats, mosquitoes, flies, bees, and roaches are pest that endanger our living conditions. We won't be able to have a back yard picnic with out being swarmed. The beautiful existing wildlife like deer, rabbits, and squirrels will be scarce due to the harsh living conditions.

The dump will create a huge annoyance to all of the city's citizens. There will be consent noise from the continuous roadwork and trucks. You will have a problem in your departure being postponed due to high traffic volume.

The final issue we need to address is community pride. We will have a loss of recreation. The historical value of the land will be no more. The beautiful scenery of the luscious land will be lost. That part of the city will soon become uninhabited ghost town because no one wants to be near trash.

I pled to the town council to reconsider your position while you still can. Please stop this destruction and keep our town beautiful. The people of the town have spoken and now it is time for you to take action for us.

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