Monday, May 17, 2021

Cell Phones and Driving

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Should there be a ban on cell phone use for drivers? Many people believe that cell phones should only be used in emergencies. According to thee Cellular Telecommunication and Internet Association, more than 114 million people now subscribe to wireless service. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine stated, "the risk of a collision when using a cell phone is four times higher than when a cell phone is not being used."

On the other hand people should have the right to talk on cell phones. The National Rifle Association mantra has always been, "if you let them take away your right to own an Uzi, next will be your ., and then, once you're unable to defend yourself, They'll start taking away your right to free speech." California is already trying to do that now. Legislation is trying to prohibit the right to speak on a cell phone. The are many things that distracts and impairs the ability of drivers like drinking coffee, applying lipstick, and changing the radio stations.

Cell phones are heavily praised as lifesavers in emergencies. In a car emergency, the cell phone could save your life. For example a cell phone could decrease response time in a car accident, which will in return improve life saving outcomes. Cell phones can even stop an emergency from happing. Cell phones promise an more effective oppression of motor vehicle law violators such as drunk drivers. Efforts are also underway to seek changes in technology from cellular companies that would enable emergency dispatchers to automatically locate cellular callers. Cell phones can have many safety benefits like being able to call for help for your disabled vehicle, for a medical emergency, or to report hazardous road conditions.

Should there be a law to regulate cellular phone use in automobiles? All states make reckless or careless driving illegal, but is this enough to cover cell phone use? Only a few states, Florida, California, and Massachusetts, impose minor restrictions on cellular telephones in automobiles.

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