Wednesday, May 12, 2021

How to keep employees happy.

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Using Humor to Retain Employees

I was looking for an article that I though was interesting and important. So I found an article at and I think laughter is very important, in life as well as work. The author of the article I read about was talking about one company in particular that was laying off employees and the "survivors" were left wondering what their fate would be. They weren't happy and were very worried about their jobs, hoping they wouldn't be cut like the rest of the staff. The morale of the "survivors" is extremely low. One quote in this article was an employee of this particular company who had not been cut yet. He said "We're living in hell. We're too busy to laugh, and besides, it won't change anything." Another quote said, "This feels like hell. I'd never recommend this company to anyone, and I just hope I can survive until I take early retirement," said one long-term employee. That pretty sums up what their morale is like. Not only is the morale bad, but people like to talk and gossip sometimes knowing what their saying is not true. The office atmosphere was full of gossip, rumors, and backstabbing. With all of this going on employees want to stand out to not get fired so teamwork plummeted and they adopted a "me first" attitude. Management of this company did not want to hear feedback from the employee's if anyone voiced their opinion they were pegged for being disloyal. This is no way to run a company; you must keep your employees happy. This company did a terrible job, if everyone fears that they may lose their job. In today's work enviroment humor isn't an option, it's a necessary way to boost morale. I am not saying that employee's cutting up and clowning around is a good thing to have in the office, but I do know laughter will help a person feel better with just about everything. If a CEO would set the way and let the employees know that they can have fun. They will love their job and probably give better service to the customers.

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