Thursday, May 20, 2021

The Stone Angel

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When an individual exchange superficial materials for love, they tend to have poor relationships with the people that mean the most to them. Hagar had a very difficult time expressing her emotions to others because she believed it made her seem like a week person. She did not want to show any weakness toward her favorite son so she gave John the Currie pin. She thinks the Currie pin will express the way she feels about John. "John only put the pin in his pocket. Perhaps I should have given it to him when he was older"(15). Hagar tried in a sense to win her sons love but he thought nothing of the Currie pin. For the pin means a lot more to Hagar then it does to John. When Bram gave Hagar a cut-glass decanter for her wedding present, she got quits upset that it was not a gift with more dollar value. "All things in the musty, whey-smelling house were to be mine, such as they were, but when we entered, Bram handed me a cut-glass decanter with a silver top. 'This here is for you Hagar.' I took it so casually, and laid it aside, and thought no more of it" (51). Hagar did think of the gift as being thoughtful but cheep. She is very materialistic and likes only what is priceless. She believes it is the price not the thought that is behind a gift. Hagar love Tina very much, but she does not know how to express her love. Throughout the whole novel, The Stone Angle, Hagar has great difficulties trying to express her love towards people. In order to show her love to Tina she decides to give her, her sapphire ring, but she does not understand that love cannot be bought with material possessions. "What could I possibly tell her, I wounded, that could do her any good? She knows a lot more that I did when I married. Or maybe she doesn't, really. But who's to tell her? I haven't a word to send her, my granddaughter. Instead, I tug at my right hand, pull and shake, and finally wrench the ring" (7). Hagar tries had to show her affection towards her granddaughter, Tina, but the only thing that comes to her mind is the sapphire ring. Instead of telling Tina how much she loves her, she give her ring away. Hagar is afraid to show her emotions, which leads to her loneliness.

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