Wednesday, May 12, 2021

By the waters of babylon

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" By the Waters of Babylon" is rich with allusions. The most important allusion is probably ashing. Ashing represents Washington the first president of our country. Ubtres is another allusion. Ubtres represents Subtreasuries. Ou-dis-son truly represents the Hudson River. All of these allusions help Young John to reveal the truth behind the gods.

One of the biggest part of this short story and maybe the most important is the symbolism. One symbol is the fact that Babylon represented destruction. White is a symbol for purity which is not only used in the story but in real life too. The heart is a symbol for courage, which could also be used in everyday life as well. " Truth is a hard dear to hunt" (10) could be called a theme as well as a symbol. The Symbols contribute a lot to this short story.

There are many themes to this story. One theme is " Truth is a hard dear to hunt" (10). Another theme is that 'it's better to lose one life's than one's sprit"(10) Other themes that may not have been as well defined are the fact that you must always follow your heart and that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. The themes in this story make it rich with life lessons.

" By the Waters of Babylon" by Stephan Vincent Benet contains plenty of symbolism, many different themes, and historical and biblical backgrounds. Benet does an excellent job of characterization of Young John as well as setting the perfect setting. The plot line runs smoothly and is set up very well. This story has many twists turns and will defiantly entertain any reader.

Lyman series. He also correctly predicted that the first line would be present in the Suns spectrum. In the 10s Lyman began to examine spectra in the ultraviolet region of helium, aluminum, magnesium, and neon. On a side note, Lyman was also a traveler and naturalist. From the Altai Mountains he brought back a new specimen of gazelle and 1 smaller mammalian species. He also brought back a stoat that became known as the Lyman's stoat. As you can see, Lyman has done a great many things for chemistry as well as the rest of the world.

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