Monday, May 31, 2021

English as the second language

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Im not so good in English, but Im absolutely interested in learning it. The usage of English is very important nowadays. To me, English is a very beautiful language,but unfortunately, the natives [most of them] are not appreciating it. Too much of offensive language has made the language became faul. I hope that in future there will less offensive language used, for the sake of English itself. Im sorry if my essay is ridiculous, but at least, this is the first baby step that I took towards mastering English language. Any motivational or helping hands are definitely needed.

Eventhough that I am not the native speaker, but I am very optimist that one day I will master the English, if I try my best.

My fellow friends always asked, Why you are so interested in English? It is not your native tongue,

The answer is very simple, It is because English is used in so many fields of knowledges. I learn English so that I can master the knowledges, same as what they did during Renaissancce. ( They learned Arabic to master the knowledges of Greek which are translanted by Arabs.)

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However, it doesnt mean that I will neglect my own language (i.e Malay language). I still love Bahasa Malaysia @ Malay language. It has become the part of me, for I have been using this language since I was born. Moreover it is my nations language. The language that has been used comercially for a very long time ago. I, personally believes that Malay language is the foruth biggest language that is used,worldwide.

Unfortunately, not every people thinks the same way as I do. Some of them really dislike English. Its because of the historical reasons. These people cannot forgive the Englishmen for being such a bad conqueror. whatever it is, for me, there is no reasons for me not to learn English language. Its because in Islam, we are urged to master knowledges,regardless the spiritual or material type of knowledge.

p/s please stop the prejudice on Islam...

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