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Diving Into the wreck

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Poetry Response Adrienne Rich Diving into the Wreck

Diving into the Wreck is full of awakening and discovery, along with angst. Rich rejects male mythology in the title poem and discusses contemporary and liberal views throughout the collection. The Lannan Video shows Rich's use of powerful, vivid language, at times offensive but always necessary as in From the Prison House. Her poetry speaks out against injustices and focuses on a writer's duty to keep these injustices in focus. Her poems are clearheaded rather than fanciful and force the reader to ponder the why, what and how questions she often poses in them.

The title poem, "Diving into the Wreck," is an amazing example of the power of word choice and placement. The first stanza uses a descriptive quality to take the reader along in the suiting up of a diver on this journey to dispel old myths. Lines 6, 7, and 10 make use of evocative adjectives such as absurd, grave, and assiduous to color the situation. Rich also creates a wonderful contrast between the diver taking this journey solo rather than like that of the leading man, Cousteau, who has a team to support him.

Stanza two shows the difference between two worlds through the introduction of the ladder. Those who have used it know its function; the others just see it as an accessory. This stanza also uses alliteration in the last line with some, sundry equipment. My favorite portion of the poem comes in stanza three when rich compares the diver to an insect crawling down the ladder. This creates the imagery of a miniscule object entering something vast, as the ocean is to the diver. Stanza four also creates wonderful imagery with the use of the changing colors of the ocean. Stanza six and seven connect well with six showing the search for something permanent and seven establishing the permanence the wreck and the myths.

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"Song" was my favorite poem in the collection. Rich's use of enjambment is exemplary. The effect added to the power of the poem and the question and answer rhetoric. The extended definition throughout the poem was well thought out and descriptive. We not only know that she is lonely but we can feel how she is lonely. The personification in this poem was enjoyable, such as "dawn's first cold breath" or "a house wrapped in sleep." This poem was so full of sensory images that you feel overpowered after first reading it but you also feel like saying, yes, I've been that kind of lonely before.

Rich's poems are both powerful and personal. Personal in the sense that this could be you she is writing about. Rape serves as the best example of this quality. Rich uses "you" as the subject, in the poem making the reader feel that they are being spoken to directly. The characterization of the cop is the strongest part of this poem; you can picture him as the vile creature that he is portrayed as. Stanza four says

And you see his blue eyes, the blue eyes of all the family

whom you used to know, grow narrow and glisten,

his hand types out the details

and he wants them all

but the hysteria in your voice pleases him best.

Rich shows us the guilty pleasure he takes in the awful act that has been forced upon you, but this stanza would be worthless without the last line of stanza three You have ton confess to him, you are guilty of the crime of having been forced. This poem amazed me with its sheer power and strength.

I initially didn't know anything about Adrienne Rich when I picked up her collection. After reading this collection and viewing the Lannan video, she has quickly become one of my favorite poets. She is contemporary and intriguing. Her understanding and use of language and words makes me jealous and I hope to be able to adopt half of her talents in my writing.

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