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What realy matters

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What Friendship Really is…

It's a hot day at St. Andrews. Victoria is really tired, she is waiting anxiously to go home and have a nap, but two long periods of English were waiting for her. Although she wants to sleep. Her English teacher has this really loud voice that makes the class interesting and impossible to at least try to do nothing. The topic of the class is argumentative essays. Mr. Mc Dowell gives an idea to each student Victoria has to argument "What really matters". Finally the day at school finishes and Victoria can go home to have tea, and a really long nap.

At 700pm she wakes up with no intention of starting her homework. She was really intelligent but very lazy. After a reasonable long time of being around. Vic sits down and starts writing.

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She wrights, "whatever could really matter, although in my opinion to have a good time and a lot of friends is what really matters. This is because these two items make life to be more interesting and enjoyable. Would you imagine a life without parties, friends to talk to and go to sleep on Friday's nights it would be really boring. I don't mean that to go to parties is what really matters, what I mean is that, that is my way of enjoying life. Other people can enjoy life, doing sports or playing the piano. I think that, friend are part of everybody's life. They are a member of your family and therefore of all the days that you live.

What is it to enjoy life? There are many way's of doing it. And everyone has a different way of having fun. This is because we are all different. Some people like to do sports like hockey and Rugby for example. Others like to play instruments. Although what I really enjoy is to go to parties, this is because I like to dance and hear music, but over all those things I go to dance with my friends, and they are the ones that make the night interesting, It wouldn't be the same to go to a party with out friend because you can't share feelings and happy moments.

As I said before life wouldn't have a purpose without friends. I mentioned this several times during my easy, but it is the point I want to analyse and underline.

Friends are always there you can count on them as they can count on you. They accept you the way you are, she or he admires you, they forgive you no matter what your mistake was, they help you always, and keeps you near his heart. They love you the way you are and don't need you to change to be with them. Friend never judge you and always offers you help. They say nice things about you, he or she understands you when nobody dose, as well as they explain to you things that you don't understand.

As a conclusion, to have a good time and lots of friends is what really matters because both of them make up an interesting and healthy life."

When Victoria finished she had supper, and when to sleep.

The day after at 715 sharp Vic wakes up to go to school, the first period is English, were Victoria, proud of her work hands in. After reading Julius Cesar, she goes to break and chat to her friends. Meanwhile, Mr. Mc Dowell is correcting her work, and while he reads it he is amassed of the things that Victoria wrote about friendship, he also reflects her while he is reading it. He notice that that is what Victoria really thinks, and that is the same why that she acts between her friends, she is always helping and in an being friendly.

On Friday when Victoria when to English, she took a surprise when Mr. Mc Dowell handed in the essay, he told her that it was excellent that he was very proud of her and of her why of thinking. At the same time he tells her that he wants to make a poster with the basic items of the easy, because what Vic had written was what Friendship should be.

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