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Life in the 1930's

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Welcome to our page of the Life Styles of the 10s , The Depression Era. You will be reading about the life styles of The Upper Class, The Middle Class , and The Lower Class, In how the Depression affected them economically.

The Upper Class


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Family Life

The upper class had big and beautifully mansions with an extensive gardens that required an on-going care and maintenance for weeks. The wealthy people dressed well, ate well and lived well. There family life was one of their most grateful time. The family spend time with each other, on trips, outings or any kind of adventurous activities. The family life was uncomplicated, and really laid back and unstressful. Ladies mostly spend their time going for walks, playing bridge or going out for tea and some, had conversation of what was happening in the community. The upper Class always wanted valuable things that such they made children to go to private school. Their private school were located in the most wealthier areas. Many of this families had a numerous of servants to supply them with all of their needs. There servants had to cook, prepare the meals for the whole family. Chauffeurs had to drive the expensive cars and take the owner anywhere he wanted to. Nannys were require to take care of the children. Gardeners lived with the family either in a designated area set aside in the house or in and additional cottage.


These were servants that worked for the upper class

Those families particularly with large mansions usually hosted elaborated parties in their ballrooms or parlors. Mostly of the time parties were held at clubs. The atmosphere of the parties was light and carefree with intelligent talk of politics or other matters of time. Many dancing occurred with the movement of the music that allow people to entertain their selves. Many small instrumental groups were available. Champagne, wine and many other delicacies drinks were serve by all the servants in the house. They work all day and night to make the rich people feel good.

The wealthy familys entertainment was mostly attracted by young adults. But their entertainment was always interrupted by the depression that they were going trough in those days. But they said that there was always money to enjoy life. Many people occur to enjoy movies, magazines, books or drama. Mainly they prefer to go to the theater and see their famous Hollywood stars. Theater and plays were pleasant break from movies that were all the rage at the time. Families were happily entertain by the stories of young, vibrant men and women falling in love, or just experiencing new adventures or taking pride in a sudden fortune during a time of desperation. Those movies were filmed about riches, romanticism or comedies. Horse racing was enjoyable during the summer months.



The Middle Class



The typical middle class neighborhoods barely survived the depression years. Families lived in single detached houses that had electricity, a flush toilet and a bath or shower. Many owned a car that either was parked on the road or in the garage. The difficult time brought neighbors together to lend each other support. Wage cuts became a fact of life, families found it harder to stretch the dollar. The Dirty Thirties were the most difficult and spare time to buy the common necessities of life. But people could of survive without all of this item.

The middle class possessed many things but not like the upper class. families with a secure income and a decent job afforded to pay any bill of their homes. during the depression money went a way like water. They had to buy all the things that were require to live. Many prices were low and things were considerably cheap because of deflation. But some people of the middle class owned automobile, good homes and good clothes to wear. almost all owned a radio , and also had telephone, a vacuum cleaner or an electric iron.

Automobiles were most taken by families that needed and had bought it during the 10s. Those that didnt had money, bought one during the depression because car prices were low due to deflation. cars had become very popular even though flat tires and engine troubles were common. People took their cars on picnics, trips and any kind of visits.

Family entertainment was an average of people that during the depression enjoy many different activities. Few of them would go to the movies and it only cost them 10 cents. Some families would stay at home and not go out. The food would be barbecued and hot cocoa would be served, then everyone would sit around a fire and sing songs and eat their food. Another popular form of entertainment was to go camping, many families went camping for 1- weeks and not spend much, only $500 a week. To go camping they usually use an old ,second hand war tent, swim in the creek and use a whole in the ground for toilet. They also went often to picnics, to the beach and enjoy all day on summer in the sunny afternoons. They would also play games such as Monopoly, this made them pretend that they had a lot of money and could afford all of the luxuries in the game but not in real life.

Father, mother, teenagers, and children entertainment were valuable for the middle class; fathers listened to the radio or read magazines, this was their way of relaxing after a hard day of work. The most popular thing they loved was boxing, and many boxing fights were broadcasted over the air. Those who could afford it would go to the occasionally baseball game. Some people couldnt afford to go and have fun, so they decided to make their own activity of a golf course out of old junk and started their own business. This was really cheap because they didnt have to buy a lot of stuff to start. Mother were often at home taking care of the children and listen to radio, but in some days they went to the theater to chat and trade cooking or knitting secrets. Teenagers means Young adults and they stayed in school longer for preparations for the future. Teenagers went to the movies frequently. They would also attend a mature night at the theater. Mostly all teenagers listened to music, just as they still do now. The beaches were popular with teens. Children had most fun out of any age group during the 10s because they didnt worry about anything. Mainly they didnt care about what was happening in the world as long as they got their dolls or comics. Bolo was the new rage during the depression. It was a paddle with a ball attached to it by a string and they would try to hit the ball. Most children had one bicycle or tricycle in their homes. Boys were fans of baseball and basketball. Children went out to movies and also listen to the radio. Their most popular entertainment was comics. The girls had dolls to play with and they all enjoy their way of living in the desperation that all the adults had.

Education in the 0s was kind of difficult for students. The schools were much like the school we have now. Many of the schools had sport team, and clubs to join on. School was consider a preparation for life, but for many student it was just an escape. Some will consider school important by getting an education that would help them open up the job market, while other just didnt want to face the reality of depression. The role of women in the schools changed quite a bit, and many new education techniques were added through out the year.



The Lower Class

Poverty During the 10s

The Great Depression was a night mare for everyone who lived during those times. People who survived the dirty thirties remember the hell their lives became. For example; people where losing their shelter, food, and many children died of hunger. The Roles of a Poor Family Member


During the Depression families in the lower class had a difficult time surviving the hard hits. Depression was so bad that the increase in divorces was high among lower class families.

The Father

During the Depression the father had a duty to support their families. Many of this men where losing their jobs because of the great depression, because of the lost of their jobs they thought that they had fail to come trough for their families. Many of them in time became criminals because they need some money to survive and so did their families, but some men were so a shame that they committed suicide.

The Mother

In the 10s women could maintain a job with out any problems, but they were being paid 1/ of the salary that men were being paid. During those times men where mad because they were losing their jobs and women were not. Men where outraged because they thought that they disserve all the jobs because of the crisis.


The Children

During the 10s children first and most important thing was his education. Many of them were so a shame of telling their friends that their parents lost their jobs that they were determent to succeed in school, but many of them dropped out of school to help their parents.

Food and Nourishment

10s was so hard that many families where concerned of what was going to be the next meal. If you were in a relief camp you would eat few pieces of bread and soup and some potatoes. Many people got sick because their diets where missing some of the vitamins and minerals.

Housing Conditions


Living conditions where very bad during the 10s. Many poor people lived in shacks or in boxes. Many people lived in a shack a shack is so small that people live in them as though they are animals. Many rented shacks with hopes that those shacks would have a bed, but many didnt have beds so people slept on the floor. The 10s was hard for each person but the people who got the worst was the lower class families because only the father worked and he had to find a way to support his family. People lived off canned foods and potatoes because of mal nutrition many people got sick. Many of them couldnt afford clinical needs. Therefore, they were not examine at all for a long period of time.

The Slave Camps

The relief camps where known as slave camps. One reason was because this camps where worst than the army. They made people work every single day for only 0 cents a day. But because people wanted some justice they rebelled so the government would act and do something to help them. Government paid attention and began paying people a little bit more and more clinical assistance.

Peoples Response

People spoke what their hearts desire. Many people survived the dirty thirties because they didnt let the bad situation get to them no matter how hard it was. People felt different from people who didnt let the economical crisis get to them. They felt as though they are less than anyone else. The Possessions of a Poor Family

The average person in the 10s would lose their homes if they couldnt pay. In those times people could only afford their clothes and food. During the 10s till 16 many properties where taken from people who couldnt pay. The only relief for the people was the TV, radio, and dancing halls.But many of them couldnt even afford that too, so they when to a friends house that had those things of entertainment. ʏ

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