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France is the largest western European country, with an area of 0,668 square miles. The population is 60

million and the official language is French. France is very diverse in its ethnicity with groups such as Celtics,

Latin with Teutonic, Slavic, North African, Indochinese and Basque minorities. 0% of the French are Roman

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Catholics. Paris is the capital city. Other cities are Marseille (Marsay), Lyon (Leeon), Toulouse

(Tooloose), Strasbourg (Strasberg), Nice (Neece), Lille (Leel), and Bordeaux. The terrain is varied and the

temperature is like that of the Eastern United States. The main agricultural products are wheat, wines and spirits,

dairy products, sugarbeets, oilseeds, meats, poultry, fruits and vegetables.

Since prehistoric times, France has been a crossroads of trade, travel and invasion. French has been an

international language for centuries and is a common second language throughout the world. It is one of the five

official languages at the United Nations. Education is free in France. This is made possible by high sales taxes

going into the educational system.

The President of France is Jacques Chirac, who has been president since 15. Relations between the United

States and France are active and cordial. President Bush was just in France at an international economic summit.

France enjoys a free press and has more than 100 daily newspapers. Most newspapers are private and are not

linked to any poliltical party. France has produced some of the worlds most influential writers and artists. In the

last two centuries, it has given the art world Renoir (Renwa), Monet (Monay), Cezanne (Sayzan), Gaugin

(Gogan), and Picasso.

In August, Parisians traditionally leave for their annual holiday and put the city on a skeleton staff to serve

visitors. July has also become a popular vacation month, with many restaurateurs taking a holiday then. Paris is

known as the City of Lights. It has become the leading city in the world for vacation destinations, overtaking

New York City. There are 0 districts of Paris, each with its own character. There are more than 60 museums

in Paris, historical monuments, and countless restaurants, and galleries.

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