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Home Economics

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Artist and Repertoire Representative

I think the career best suited for me would be an artist and repertoire representative because I love music but I also have no musical ability. Being and A and R rep would keep me around what I love. I could handle the amount of responsibilities that comes with the job and could also handle everything involved.

Being and Artist and Repertoire representative is a career I could do well in because I know what to listen for and if a person or group of people has potential. I follow orders when they are given and also work well with other people. I have listening skills, learning skills, presentation skills, and also people skills.

Most positions as an A and R rep require university degrees and several years of experience. Colleges and Universities offer degree programs in recorded music production, and some reps obtain a degree in music. Also, courses in mass media, business administration, and music are very beneficial. Those entering the career must have knowledge of sales, accounting, the legal aspects of production, and also the recording industry in general.

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My work environment as and artist and repertoire representative would probably be a lot of different places. For instance, going to check out new talent, the office listening to tapes, and also the recording studio when I have found a band with some talent. So my work environment wouldn't necessarily be clean or dirty, fancy or plain.

The hours I would have to work as an A and R rep would be relatively long, considering it would not always be office hours. On top of working in the building, I would have to go check out new bands when hints are handed to me. That means visiting nightclubs, private concerts, and the band's practice (wherever that may be).

I will have many responsibilities as an artist and repertoire representative. I will have to mounds of demo tapes, attend recording sessions, make sure the record companies marketing plan fits the artist, also have to deal with managers, lawyers, and booking agents. I would have to be everywhere on time as I will have many appointments with those people. I will also have to be a person the band can relate to, and handle they're problems as well.

My personality fits into what is required as an A and R rep. I am an extrovert, I love being with other people, and I would enjoy an exciting lifestyle. To be and A and R rep I think you should be able to say what you think and feel about the music. My personality is outgoing, I say what I mean and I mean what I say, I have fun, I work hard, and I follow orders.

As far as where I would have to work goes, I think I could probably work anywhere; there is always talent in unexpected places. So the location I would be would be anywhere I needed to be. As an A and R rep I would also do a lot of traveling. I would most likely be where I had to be to support my family with what they need.

I don't know exactly how plentiful the Artist and Repertoire rep positions are right now, however there is probably a lot considering all the new bands who are looking for small independent representation companies. When I graduate college, and am ready to get a job, I believe positions in that field will be plentiful. The reason I think that is because there is more types of music being developed every year, such as mixtures of two kinds of music, so a lot more bands and solo artists will be discovered.

Pay as and A and R rep can vary. According to an article published in iVillage, A and R reps start out in the business earning below $0,00 a year. They earn between $40,000 and $50,000 after years of experience. As the person gets established within a company and the felid, the jump in salary can be significant. I rated money as one of the top five must-haves but as long as I have enough money to stay off the streets, I'll survive. I would rather get low pay in a career that I love than high pay when I'm unhappy.

Rewards on the job would be doing something I love, getting some recognition, and making a difference in a few people's lives. To see a band I am representing make it would be rewarding. Having fun, helping others, being creative, working with and meeting interesting people, and having something to do with the production of good music would be an awesome reward for me. I'm not very high maintenance, I could be very happy with simple things.

If a person doesn't love music, and cant handle artists or long hours, they shouldn't be an A and R rep. According to Scott Patterson, of Independent A and R Inc., there are pros and cons to the work. "The pros are great parties and lots of traveling. The cons are low pay to start, and long hours." I definitely think that is the kind of job for me.

In conclusion, being and Artist and Repertoire representative would be a great career for me. Every aspect of the job fits me pretty well. I could definitely handle the responsibilities and get used to the lifestyle. Having no musical ability myself, being an A and R rep would get me involved in what interests and intrigues me.

Why should I do all this work to find out more about careers?

1. Why is it important to take time to research a career now?

It is important to research a career now because it narrows down the list of careers to choose from and leaves you with things that interest you.

. List at least three questions you should be asking while researching a career


1) What education will be required?

) Does this career fit my personality?

) Could I be successful while doing this career?

. How will the lists of your interests, skills, and values help you in your research?

Your career reflects your personality, therefore, the career you choose should include most of your interests, skills, and value that way you succeed in that field are happy with your lifestyle.

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