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How does the effect sho

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Portugal. It's my favourite place. It's special in a way. I've been there many times, and every time it creates a great new memory. The weather is perfect, and the heat mingles nicely above the Chlorine-filled water of the Swimming pools. All around the pool are Britons on holiday, lying under the sun, hoping to go back to England with a tan to brag about. The atmosphere is great. The beaches are gorgeous, while sitting on the beach watching the waves relaxing is just as good as anything else. There are kids running up and down the beach, footballs, beach balls, tennis balls and volleyballs fly past your head without you even knowing it. The summer breeze floats past your head like a butterfly in a meadow. During the day the swimming pool areas are packed with people, at night, everyone is out enjoying the amazing night life of the Marina. There are fancy fish restaurants, where you get to choose which fish you want to eat, and then of course they cook your selected fish. The meals are great. Always well served and with a friendly smile upon the faces of the waiters. It's a really special place.

The hotels are clean, the maids are nice and efficient, the shops are close, the swimming pool is close, the bars are nearby, and the Marina is not too far away for you to enjoy a night out. As the sun sets in the west, tourists gather along the beaches to witness the 0 minutes of

the sky going to sleep. When the light falls, and the moon shines bright on the sea, Tourists get ready for a night out at a fancy restaurant or a relaxation night at the bar. You can smell the aftershave the man from 15 doors down, you can smell the hairspray of the woman four doors down. You can see the kids outside the flats waiting for their parents to finish getting ready. Finally you ready to go out for a night at the bar. Your parents are uncontrollably giving you money for the pool table, obviously what they wouldn't do if they were sober. They'd let you have 15 ice creams if you wanted it. So you take advantage while they are vulnerable. The next day you are back at the pool, relaxing and catching the sun, restarting the cycle of your holiday…

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