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The day I saved someone's life

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Narrative Essays

"An event that changed your views of yourself"

I always looked at my self as if I couldn't help anybody in an act of bravery but the day I saved someone's life changed my views about myself very quickly. Saving someone's life to me is something taken very seriously and takes a lot of courage to handle. A situation like that brings you to reality fast and on that day reality hit me in the face. I never would have thought in a million years that I would have saved someone's life and got accredited for it, but things happen.

I went to nursing school and learned CPR and first aid in the first month of me being they're. I succeeded well in the class and handled CPR with no problem. I even received an A+ in the class. Nursing school to me at first was a way of getting out of going to college and, helping people never crossed my mind. I just wanted something to do with my life and fast. I felt that way until I realized knowing things like CPR and first aid can help people and helping people helps you to help your self. I realized that the day I saved someone's life using CPR.

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The day I saved someone life I was on my way to school not expecting anything to change from my daily routine. I was getting on a septa bus full with many people. It was a very hot day and no one felt good from the heat. As I got on the bus there was a woman standing by her self complaining about how she was hot, that her head was starting to hurt, that she was dizzy and how she wasn't able to breathe thoroughly. The bus driver asked her if she was felt ill as did some of the other riders. She said I'm fine, so the bus driver continued to drive. When the bus came to a stop light, the lady started to wobble and lose her balance. Someone offered his seat but she refused because her stop was coming up, she said. Right after she refused the seat, she fainted. I was so scared and didn't know what to do once she fainted. I could barely move to help her. The bus driver shouted, "Does anyone has a cell phone? Please Call 11." He then said, "Does anybody know first aid procedures?" As scared as I was, I raised my hand and said, " I know first aid and CPR." So I got down on the floor beside her and began to check for a pulse and her breathing. My heart began to pump faster and faster because she wasn't breathing. I put her on position for CPR and began performing the procedures. I received no movement or breathing. I repeated the procedures twice and finally I got a breath. She was gasping for air and was sweating badly. I held her hand and whispered in her ear. "My name is Chenelle, I'm right here with you, just breathe and you will be fine. The paramedics are on their way." Once the paramedics arrived they took all of my information, everything about the lady that I knew, and they took a record of all the procedures I did.

Afterwards, although I was late for school I felt proud of my self and felt like a whole new person. All because I helped someone. Approximately a week later I received a phone call from some woman named Virginia Lincoln-Graham who was the woman whose life I saved that day on the bus. She told me that she appreciated my courage to stand up and help her and that she wanted to say thank you. A few days later I received a reward check of ,500 dollars. She also gave my name and told the story to the radio station Power FM . The radio station called me asked me questions about that day and how I felt. When It was all said and done the radio station named me "The hero of the day."

So as I came to reality I realize that having courage and believing in your self can reach a far way. Anything can happen at anytime and for that matter you should always be prepared to act. That day changed my views of myself a whole lot and my views will always be to believe in me.

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