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How the Finch family in To Kill a Mocking Bird related to Calpurnia

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Calpurnia is the black maid to the Finch's in Harper Lee's novel "To Kill A Mockingbird." She is treated by the Finch's as if she were a Finch as they see her as a member of their family. She is a friendly person whom is helpful and caring to the entire Finch family. Calpurnia is seen by the reader as almost being a white person, even though her skin is black and she comes from a black family and background.

Calpurnia has spent "all her days working for the Finch's" and she does her work in a happy yet serious way. She is happy to care for and teach the Finch's as she feels they too care and teach her. It appears to the reader that Calpurnia almost lives a double life; a white family member whilst working and a black woman at her home. She is seen by the reader to be clever and well educated, a thing that most black people of that time were not. Calpurnia is also seen to be quite strict and firm with the children, even though she is in actual fact being loving and compassionate. Even though Calpurnia lives half her life as a white, she still attends black church and has a close bond with all the blacks in the community.

There are many reasons Harper Lee chose to put Calpurnia in the novel and position her in the way she did. Harper Lee wanted the reader to see how Calpurnia interacted with both whites and blacks in a similar manner. By having Calpurnia as the Finch's maid, Harper Lee effectively shows the reader that the Finch family are completely un-racist, unlike many of Maycomb's residents. Another reason why Harper Lee positioned Calpurnia as the Finch's maid was to show how children inherit their parent's views and beliefs. This is seen by the way Scout and Jem both treat Calpurnia as an equal, just like their father Atticus does.

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The reader sees Calpurnia care for the Finch children in two different ways; as their housekeeper and as a "member of the family." Calpurnia is hired by the Finch's to cook, clean and generally take care of the Finch's and the Finch household. The reader knows Calpurnia grew up on Finch landing so her loyalty to the Finch's is clearly understood by the reader.

The reader sees how Calpurnia loves the Finch's as if they were her own flesh and blood and is referred to by them as a "member of the family." She is treated as an equal by the Finch's. This is seen by the reader in the way Calpurnia address' the Finch's on a first name basis and the way they do the same with her. It is also seen by the strong loyalties and relationship Calpurnia has with the Finch's. Calpurnia also seen by the reader to act as Jem and Scout's mother. She looks out and watches over them. The reader can tell she feels like the mother of the Finch children in the way she talks about not wanting "anybody to say I don't look after my children."

The Finch family see and regard Calpurnia as a "member of the family." The reader knows that Calpurnia grew up with Atticus on Finch landing so it appears obvious why they share such a close bond. This bond is responsible for Calpurnia being treated as an equal member of the family. Calpurnia is treated exactly like a Finch family member by the Finch's and she is included in all family discussions and decisions. When Aunt Alexandra tries to dismiss Calpurnia, Atticus shows his loyalty to Calpurnia by saying "Anything fit to say at the table is fit to say in front of Calpurnia." This just shows that Atticus is siding with Calpurnia over his own flesh and blood as he feels Calpurnia is just as much his sister as Aunt Alexandra is.

Calpurnia is seen as both a "member of the Finch family" and the "mother of the household." She is considered by all Finch's to be a relative; a sister to Atticus and a mother to Scout and Jem. The children obey Calpurnia as they know and respect her decisions. The Finch children will also often consult Calpurnia on their ideas and questions as she listens carefully and offers useful suggestions to them. Calpurnia is cared about like she was truly part of the family as in the Finch's eyes, she is. In return, Calpurnia shows them the same love and respect that they she her.

The Finch family didn't instantly respond to Calpurnia in the way they were seen to in the novel. It took time for them to trust and respect Calpurnia. The reader knows the Finch family have know Calpurnia a long time as she "grew up on Finch landing" and has "spent all [her] days working for the Finch family." Over time, the reader presumes that a strong bond was made between the Finch's and Calpurnia, resulting in an everlasting relationship where she is seen as a "member of the family." The Finch family always try to look through Calpurnia's point of view before judging her. By doing this, the Finch family are able to look past Calpurnia's differences and see that she is like them; a human.

Calpurnia is an essential character in the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird." She is the perfect black character to have as she relates well to the Finch's and they relate well to her. She shares a bond with the Finch's which is deeper than race, skin colour, community views and, in some cases, flesh and blood. Calpurnia shows the reader that back then, not all white people were racist towards the blacks and not all blacks were as uneducated and as inhumane as people of that era thought.

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