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The man

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Mahatma Ghandi was born on the nd October , 186 at Porbunder in Gujarat ( Sudamapuri, Kathiawad. He had a fairly normal child hood and in 188 he married a young Indian woman named Kasturba .

In 188 Ghandi left to England to study law and in 181 he passed the law examination . By late 181 Ghandi had returned home to India and enrolled in the Bombay High Court , in Bombay Ghandi started practice in the high court as a barrister. In 18 Ghandi set sail for South Africa .

At Pietermaritzberg station Ghandi was ordered to go into the van compartment of the train although he held a first class ticket. On his refusal , a constable was brought and he was forcibly ejected , his bundles pitched out after him . Then he was left to shiver in the waiting room all night .

Then in 184 Ghandi proposed an organization to watch the interest of Indians and to oppose colour bar against them in South Africa this lead to a natal Indian Congress being formed to fight colour prejudice .In 18 the Boer broke out and Ghandi joined the ambulance corps . Then in 101 he moved a resolution on South Africa at Calcutta congress session .

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From 100 to 105 Ghandi slowly took over the whole management of the Indian opinion in South Africa and started his famous passive resistance movement.

From then on Ghandi moved back to India to start his non violent resistance movement to help the poor natives of India in the face of the English almost Tyrannical government. Ghandi was Jailed several times once for two years for organizing a massive protest called the Khilafat a non co operation movement, which was brought about by the massacre of hundreds of Ghandi followers.

During this time in jail Ghandi 's wife died which gave him new determination in his causes of equal rights and liberty.

Ghandi was releases from jail shortly after Kasturba's death in may 144 and now found him self heading for the record books as his ambition became clear to the Indian government he organized marches and demonstrations to get the message across and that he did, in August 147 independence was declared in India .

Many tried to thank Ghandi for this but he became angry at this as his real dream of religious peace was not realised so in September Ghandi started afast to the death against Muslim and Hindu violence.

Sadly, on January 0 148 Ghandi was assassinated by a fanatic

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