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Scent of A Women (Film) - Theme - Friendship

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Think five to ten years down the track, who will play a vital role in your life? Will you still be friends with the ones you call friends now? What really is the definition of true friendship? And how do Charlie and Slade portray this, in the film Scent of a Woman by Martin Brest? Furthermore, why is friendship so important in society? Why does it have such a big impact on our lives? I believe it gives us security and a feeling of wanting to be needed, but is that all we really need?

Charlie and Slade are two men, polar opposites it would seem, each struggling with life choices. One is plagued with a moral crisis while the other is a walking crisis, yet these two seem to find in each other the strength to face their particular problems.

Charlie Simms is a seventeen-year-old boy, who goes to a private, rich boy's New Hampshire boarding school, and is on a full scholarship. He crosses paths with Lieutenant Colonel Slade, an obnoxious retired colonel with a very limited appreciation of women. He intensely despises himself, and is undergoing a rapid physical deterioration as he mentally contemplates his forthcoming death. The link between the mind and the body is clear as he programs his body to slow down it's functioning in preparation for its final demise.

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Charlie first thought of Slade as a misanthrope, a person who dislikes people in general. But later discovers that Slade and his cross roads were destined to meet each other.

"Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet may not really meet; and two others at first speech are old friends." I believe this is a good saying for the movie Scent of a Woman, because it shows the relationship between Charlie's School friends with Charlie himself, and Slade with Charlie.

However, is the relationship between Charlie and Slade a true friendship? I believe true friendship is extremely rare, even though most of us will make lots of friends throughout out lifetimes; very few will be true friends. Well, in the movie Scent of a Woman, Charlie Simms, after taking a job for babysitting a blind man, meets maybe his first true friend. Lieutenant Colonel Slade, even though he may not realise it at first, Charlie soon finds out that they are two lost friends both with problems that they can both conquer if they work together.

The more time these two spend together enjoying fine clothes, fine dining, the best accommodations, a tango with a beautiful woman, a ride in a ten thousand dollar sports car, they discover other treasures of life, which are being a friend, being needed and being able to make a difference in someone elses life, no matter how hard it is to do. They wind up doing something phenomenal for each other, giving each of them a life-changing experience.

Slade changes his attitude and finds purpose to his subsistence, rather than death being something separate and apart from life, it is very much a part of it. Rather than the fear of death, it is more often the fear of life that determines our existence. By brutally facing death, he is able to begin to confront his fear of life. Meanwhile Charlie learns that there is more than a front cover on a book. First impressions of Slade through Charlie's eyes were to be forgotten. Charlie now sees Slade as a changed man, as well as himself, both clearly for the better.

Although, unlike the film, is friendship in society needed? Yes, the communication of emotion and ideas is vital to the progress of society. Friendships are at the core of interaction throughout society. Friendships are established on the basis of common interests and desires, augmented through the exchange of information and emotions. Friendships help to alleviate pain and suffering and to spread joyful emotions. Friendships, however, often end in disaster when they are terminated. Nevertheless, friendships play an essential role in society and communication, effectively propelling society forward.

But I have come to realise there is no such thing as always in a friendship and will not be there forever. People change and feelings towards each other change and what was said earlier meant nothing because everything was new and that was the feeling at the moment. I am realising that people say one thing and even though they were serious and sincere with their feelings but what they meant will disappear slowly and they will eventually do what they want and will not care about your feelings or how it will affect you.

People like this will always look out for who is most important to them and that is themselves. They are only concern for their own happiness and what makes them feel good and they do this at the expense of others. In todays world of the Internet, friendship is just a brief moment in time and does not last that long. When I was growing up, all I dreamed of was having a friend that would be there always when I needed them, and that it would last a life time. But I soon learnt that was not to be the case in any friendships that I have had ever had.

Friendship is crucial in the film Scent of a Woman because it shows a true understanding of how two polar opposite actually do attract, and now, the bond between them is currently stronger than ever. Friendship is also a fundamental part of society; it is the core of interaction, but even though your feelings towards friends change, there is no reason why you can't change with them. Friendship is an ever-changing system. You never quite know who you might cross roads with next.

To find a friend, one must close one eye. To keep him--two

--Norman Douglas

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