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Everyday people are experiencing the joys of having a new baby. The arrival of such a precious being is very rewarding, but also challenging at the same time. This statement can be extremely true when comparing healthy babies to those with special needs.

While considering the special needs or disabilities of babies, you have to remember that every person deserves life, love and happiness. From the time a mother finds out she is pregnant to the actual delivery room arrival, these little ones all live in a small common little world. In their mothers comfy surroundings, that God created for every fetus, they just, play, kick and grow. They all receive their only nutrients from the umbilical cord connecting them to their individual mommy.

Depending on the choice of the parent the delivery can take place with an Obstetric Doctor or Mid-wife. Most commonly in the United States deliveries are in a hospital setting.

The first appearance of the little bundle of joy known as their new child, can be over-whelming to all new parents. The responsibilities that they feared may be in their future are now in their arms! Suddenly diapers, feedings, clothes, blankets, finding the right baby bed, proper transportation, a safe stroller, formula, socks, shoes, pictures, pacifiers, toys, even storybooks, all seems too much, and you have to provide love too!

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After seeing the common things of babies, it makes you wonder how different or how much more responsibility a special needs baby is compared to a healthy infant. For a healthy infant, life is good! The mom goes to the hospital they stay their three days then go home to enjoy their new lives together. They will have their well baby check ups every couple of weeks, then months, and may not even know exactly what or who the doctor or nurse is.

Whenever the healthy baby gets their hearing test done, it is a simple test and not needed again unless anything unusual would occur. They have a ten minute check up with the eye doctor before being discharged from the hospital and then are sent on their merry way.

The parents of this healthy baby think it is tuff when she/he gets up every four to six hours for a bottle of formula or to be breast fed. Whenever the healthy baby wants something, she or he will cry and let it be known. Around two months the precious infant will start making vowel sounds and around six months will begin to imitate speech sounds. These parents can leave their baby on the floor to crawl or play with toys without worry while the parents do dishes in the next room. They can use a baby monitor in the nursery and can sleep in their own room. These babies usually do not see hospitals, frequent shots, breathing treatments or any medical equipment unless grandpa or grandma falls and needs treatment during recovering.

The parent of a healthy infant probably would not know what heart rate their baby should have or even thought about how much oxygenation is in their childs blood, circulating throughout their body. Life of a healthy baby is simple, and has the occasional crisis like choking on a piece of a hot dog, in comparison, the life of a special needs baby is more complex and daily tasks can quickly become daily chores.

Before delivery many woman know that they are having a special needs baby. Until delivery many problems are only suspicious because of signs or pictures from ultrasounds. Knowing these suspicions makes the delivery of a special needs baby fast pace, very emotional, and most of all stressful for everyone. If the baby is stable the parents may get a quick picture and maybe a hug, then the new joy is rushed off to the NICU. There the baby is introduced to a room full of other critical babies and tons of nurses and doctors. They will experience x-rays ultrasounds, more detailed hearing tests, specialists of every kind including anesthesiologists and pediatric surgeons.

When the new mothers hospital stay is up the baby will most likely remain in the hospital causing the mom to feel disappointed, and have feelings of guilt. These feelings and the time away from the baby can cause her milk production to slow down, and most likely she has begun to store her milk in the freezer in anticipation of more intense feedings due to the babies high calorie input needs.

Special needs baby can mean a variety of things, such as; prematurely, Spina Bifida, Down Syndrome, congenital heart disease, exposed bowel, etc… Many times, like in premature babies, they need a nasal gastric tube put in for their feedings because they do not have enough energy to eat. If it is a different factor and the baby can not eat orally, a gastric tube or g-tube will be placed for their nutritional input. Unlike a healthy baby, the special needs babys caloric input will be a lot higher and they tend to be on special diets such as a formula named pediasure.

A hidden disability that effects more than 4,000 babies each year is hearing loss. For healthy babies they have there hearing test prior to discharge from the nursery, and come out with perfect hearing, and no need for further consults. That is very unlike special needs babies, after there first test they try again, then see a specialist, and hopefully find out what steps can be taken for better hearing such as; tube placements, cleaning of the ears, possible surgeries, hearing aids, ect. If this disability is not detected right away speech, language, and their hearing skills may be affected. When special needs babies reach the age six months through a year old they might have trouble imitating speech sounds because of their disability. The use of speech therapists may be used to help with their language skills.

Parents of a special needs baby tend to need more support, and help from others. Many of these babies need constant care, and parents find themselves not leaving the baby alone in the room, unlike a healthy baby. By not hearing an alarm from the monitor or not seeing their childs color, it could result in the death of a special needs child.

Babies with disabilities are very familiar with hospital settings. They know and associate doctors and nurses into their everyday life. Special equipment like ventilators, heart monitors, saturation monitors, apnea monitors, and breathing treatment supplies are a constant need of special needs babies.

Parents will find themselves knowing without extra thought how to do pediatric CPR, or what heart rates, saturation rates are in the normal limits. Parents find that they have to handle and deal with lots of crisiss and emergency on weekly accounts and if theyre lucky maybe only monthly situations.

While comparing healthy babies and special needs babies you see they have mainly the same basic needs in their lifes. Just for a special needs baby it shows you how much more time, energy, skills, and attention these babies need. You just have to remember babies are babies some just need extra love!

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