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¡§Wake up, wake up my dear little girl,¡¨ said a soft voice. How could it be so soft? Am I still dreaming? Just than the voice said again, ¡§Wai wai, be a good girl. Wake up or you will be late.¡¨ Slowly I open my eyes.

Once I really think of things happen like that, mother calling me Wai wai and wake me up in a soft voice. It was a good time, when I was just five. Mother was so kind to me, just like an angle. It was the right for me too stay in bed for a longer time. But now she was not an angle, only a woman that yells and cried her daughter to wake up. Stay in bed for longer no way!

When I was five, mother would kindly wake me up, then lead me the way to the washroom. Helping me to make the toothpaste, watching me to brush my teeth. After dressing up the tidy, clean school uniform, we would have breakfast together round the table. Chatting what would be up that day, like will teddy be lonely when I was at school, I didn¡¦t want to leaave him etc. Then mother would promise helping me to take care of him. After that we would walked to school, hand by hand.

Walking to school is the most presurious time having with mother. Now she will just straightly order in a loud voice, ¡§Go rightaway to the bus-stop! Or you will be late¡¨ No more soft voice, walking and chatting ¡Konly shouts and orders.

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Now you know why I will choose to stay at five years old all my life. I can enjoy all the caring and love from mother, having all my rights. Besides I think five years old is my happiest time through my life up till now.

In five I was studing the kinergarden, learning words and playing in the coverplaygroud. Most of all are having teas and little snap. I can still remember the teatime song ¡§ Tea-time tea-time fun, fun, fun, come and have it everyone.¡¨I enjoy having teatime most; I think those snacks are the delicious ones in the world. Each day I only need to learn a few words than I can play with other childrens. There is not even any workload to say. Compare to now when you are at home lots of homework are waiting for you, the work loads are so heavy that sometimes even you work till late to night you can¡¦t finish it. You can never think of having any snaps. So five years old is just a good time.

During this time you can express your feelings out freely, just cry out, as you want. Not like now if you want to cry you might think of many things, like will people laugh at you etc. All the things is pure and simply.

You may agrue that five years old is not the best time because you can¡¦t go out shopping with your friends, instead just stay at home playing toys. But I tresasure this part of my life most! Since I can enjoy the care, love, freedom (at home) from my parents and the simple life style.

Cherry lau.

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