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Transcendentalism was a philosophy that was very popular in New England during the 180's. Transcendentalism was very much like Romanticism. Transcendentalism upheld the goodness of humanity, the glories of nature, and the importance of free individual express. Transcendentalism maintained that an awareness of reality, or a sense of truth, is reached through intuition rather than through reasoning or logic.

Transcendentalism had the belief that individuals act according to their innermost personal beliefs or spiritual convictions, rather then follow the dictates of society. This is shown in Self Reliance by Emerson in "A Nonconformist". In here a man is conforming and giving money to the blacks of Barbados to feel good when he does not act kinder to his fellow Americans he has as slaves. In "Traveling" Emerson says that "He who travels to be amused or get something he does not carry travels away from himself", the person is not being himself he is just trying to get away from himself. In "Reliance on Property" he is saying that people rely on their property to show what type of people they have, the more they have the greater, when it should be based on that individual him or herself.

Emphasis on individuality is also shown in Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience." He refuses to pay a tax for the Mexican War because he knew that Texas would become a slave state and he opposed slavery greatly. He is in jail but he feels as if he is not imprisoned but that he is free because he did what he wanted to do and did not conform. He emphasized that people should be their own person.

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The integrity of the mind is important. One should be truthful to himself. One should be honest with who they are. One should rid himself of everything that clutters ones mind. This is seen in Thoreau's Walden, in "Why I Went to the woods," he left to have simplicity and not such a complex complicated life. The truthfulness is shown in Walden under "Why I Left the Woods," he left because the truth was he had become too comfortable in being there and did not leave even if it was bad because it was convenient. This was like a bad habit and he had made a rut of it and decided to leave the woods to do something different instead of doing and being in the same place.

Emerson and Thoreau both emphasized individualism and the sacredness of individuality. Thoreau wrote about the choices people make and what they should have done. Emerson writes about not conforming to society and being your own person. Examples of the philosophy of Transcendentalism are shown in both the works of these writers in many similar and some different ways.

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