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An ottawa trip essay

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Nightmare morning. I woke up as early as I could, which was barely a half an hour away from leaving. I got up, noticing the time I did it fairly quickly, and picked up my bags. Thankfully my aunt Betty had come over earlier to give me a ride to school. I was one of the first ones there, Once more people came Carlos ( to the Carlos!) started to load the bus, if you don't know who Carlos is, he's the wicked cool bus driver that took us all around Ottawa and Quebec! He's simply the coolest!! Then, once Carlos finished up, before you know it, we're on the bus heading for Ottawa! The bus was about the best part of the whole trip. It had TVs and radios embedded in the seat ahead of us. The radios were probably the best part because they played weird Carlos music that was ever so interesting to Kim. We took a lot of pictures on the way there; I practically used up my whole camera in the first half an hour.

After awhile, we stopped at a place named the big apple, or something like that. And it had a lot of rabbits. Ha. That can only be interesting to me. Anyways, there was a humongous apple that I decided to live in like James and his giant peach. While Kim was somewhere or other, I went to look for her and decided to stop because Joey and Dereck had found the best gift shop. They found these masks, which looked ever so interesting that we had to try them on. Joey looked so weird that Dereck and I just laughed at him pointlessly. Then I think Mr. Devlin pulled us out. So we all got back on the bus, sat down, and we were on our way again listening to the strange interesting Carlos music… Now, how enjoyable is that!

We then stopped at a food court restaurant thing, but Joey, Dereck, and I didn't eat that much. Well, actually. Dereck and I didn't eat much. Because, we rather be playing the mecha video game in the corner of the court. Joey and I freaked out when we got there because the robots were awesome and we both got to the third level. But, unfortunately, Dereck didn't have time to play because when Joey and I finished we all had to go back on the bus.

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Again, I sat beside Kim. So we took out our CDS and listened to them over and over, as Dereck and Joey took my CD with Du Hast on it. Then, we watched the rest on the movie which I think was Jurassic park. Then, after that, we mostly bothered Joey about giving us his shirt that had Goku on it, and told him how much we wanted to take it. How interesting.

Now. About 0 PM, we arrived at the Museum of Aviation. Kim, seeming bored wandered off by herself. So Joey, Dereck, and I looked for things to brake. Ok, things that we wanted to tamper with. We found this cool thing that was like a leaf blower, it was holding a ball up in the air. So we took the ball of and put our faces over it, then our hair got all messy. So we took pictures of that. Then, we followed Kim around and she told u she wanted to be alone, so we ran off again talking to the phones that don't answer you and keep on talking even if you hang up. Ha. I am way to easily amused.

When we got back on the bus to go to the hotel, and when Kim and I asked who we were both sharing a room with, it seemed like we shared a room together, and there was no one else. So we freaked out when we walked in and it turned out to be the suite. We ran in, and unpacked quickly, because we only had a little time until we left for the hard rock caf.

Once we got there, it was very crowded because there was two other schools in the same floor as us. There wasn't enough room at the tables so Kim, Joey, Dereck and I sat at the bar. That place was so interesting, it had guitars previously belonging to famous bands/people hanging off the walls, and a really scary painting on the ceiling. After the really great supper there, we went back to the hotel to get a change of warmer clothing because we were going to a boat cruise that included a dance, but the boat didn't move... Then why not have the dance in a gym or something? Don't ask me.

It was actually pretty boring. Though, some of the music was good, but not much to my liking. I'm not fond of Rap or Pop. And it was crowded with people that we don't need to know. Dereck kept on bothering me to dance with him. So then I finally suggested that we go bother people from other schools. Kim, was sort-of following us. We talked to a lot of people there, most of them were pretty nice, but some of them were rude. How fun.

We went back to the hotel afterwards and watched TV. The next morning, we were awoken by a telephone that rung and didn't say hello. So Kim yelled at it because it was scary. So, after being awaken, we went to a breakfast buffet. It was ok, the food was a bit cold, but it was ok.

Then, we went to the Art museum. I freaked out just looking at the beautiful building. The architecture was so pretty. The art, it was really nice to look at. I wasn't fooling around here. I really liked that place, and I thought it was a shame that the tour was so quickly done. I really like the art there, because about everything had a meaning, or a purpose. It was really beautiful.

Afterwards, in the museum of civilization, Joey and I explored the native exhibits. We were scared to death because we were waking through one, and there was a somewhat glowing picture of a native girl. I got out of that museum as fast as possible.

Then, after that museum, we went to a mall for lunch. The food at the food court in the mall was fine. But all my friends, all said it was awful because they ordered something from the taco place with beef in it. I was lucky because I ordered the chicken taco. Then, after we had eaten, we went around looking for video games, well, Dereck and I at least. We looked into electronic stores, none of the video game we were looking for, but we did find some awesome anime movies. Unfortunately, we all didn't have enough money.

After that, we went to the most awesome science and technology museum. Van and I, mostly laughed at the people playing virtual goalie. In the middle of all of that I lost my good camera.

At supper, half of us had uncooked steak, and the other half all had very nice chicken… I was very happy that I ordered the chicken. That's all I have to say about that…

Then, probably the best part of the whole day happened, the baseball game was cancelled, so we got to go shopping and to cyber dome. At the mall, I bought a spiked collar and some earrings. I got lost in the big mall. It was scary… Once I fund my way to the cyber dome, I played Laser tag and air hockey for about the whole time, managing to kick Mr. Devlin's butt in bust-a-move in between.

The next morning, we got awoken by that stupid phone that doesn't talk again, and went to a really bad breakfast at Nickels. I mean, if it's supposedly owned by Celine Dion, shouldn't they have decent pancakes? Yes.

Then, we went to the parliament building where they took my collar. I should be talking about how we went into those big rooms with the pretty stuff on the walls. But I forget their names. So I'll just whine about how they took my necklace… no I won't… so yeah, nothing else very interesting happened on the trip… I really need to pay attention. The end.

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