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Disciples II

Guardians of the Light


I) Minimum System Requirements

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II) Troubleshooting

a) General tips

b) Game wont launch

c) Display problems/issues

d) Performance issues

e) Contact us

III) Miscellaneous

f) Manual addendum

g) Multiplayer over LAN

h) Exported leaders for the expansion campaigns

i) Special Thanks

I) Minimum System Requirements


Windows(R) x/000/Me/XP

Pentium II Mhz / AMD Athlon

MB RAM (Recommended 64 MB)

1.1GB Free Hard Drive Space

8MB Video Card

DirectX Compatible Sound Card

DirectX 7.0 or higher

56k Modem for Internet Play

II) Troubleshooting


a) General Tips

With so many different combinations of PCs, operating systems and video/sound

cards, you may encounter difficulties running the game on your system. By

following the tips mentioned in this section, you will address many common

problems encountered when running games.

1) Before installing the game, make sure you have the proper amount of

available hard drive space.

) Before installing the game, make sure that any programs that may be running

in the background are removed.

If using Winx/ME


a) Go to Start

b) Go to Run

c) Type msconfig, click on the startup tab.

d) Uncheck everything except for SYSTEMTRAY and SCAN REGISTRY

e) Click on Apply then Ok and reboot the system.

If using Wink, XP


a) First backup the registry

b) Go to Start

c) Go to Run

d) Type regedit then hit ok.


f) Delete the entries on the right side. (backup the registry first)

) Run Disk Defragmenter on a regular basis.

4) Read the minimum requirements and make sure your system meets them.

5) If using Wink or Win XP, logged in as the Administrator.

b) Game wont start

) We have found that Disciples II hangs at launch on some systems when the

sound acceleration is disabled. To verify if you have sound acceleration ON,

choose RUN from, the START menu, type dxdiag in the edit box and press

OK. Choose the SOUND tab and verify that the hardware sound acceleration

level is not set to no acceleration.

) The copy protection used with Disciples II might not be compatible with some

CDROMs. There are some steps that can be taken to address this issue

A) Disable the game port/joystick in your Device Manager

B) Securom is not compatible with real mode drivers. You need to edit

AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS and remove any entries relating to your


C) You may need to update the drivers for your sound card.

D) Update the drivers for your CDROM.

c) Display problems/issues

If you are experiencing display problems with Disciples II, such as flickering

images, black screen, strange colours, please do the following

A) Update your video card drivers. Here are some manufacturers web sites.






B) Make sure your monitor can support the refresh rate selected. You can run

the Configuration Editor utility program and change the refresh rate.

C) Adjust the settings for hardware acceleration for your video card. (Reduce

it by one notch or two). (display properties/settings/advanced/performance).

D) Reinstall DirectX after any driver update (cause for DDRAW error.)

E) Make sure your screen can support the required resolution (cause for DDRAW


d) Performance issues

If Disciples II runs too slowly on your computer, there are a few things that

you might want to try to improve the games performance

) Close any unnecessary programs (as mentioned above) that may be running

in the background. Antivirus programs and security programs are notorious

for slowing down your computer and can even cause various problems with

some games.

) Open the Options screen (ESC from isometric map) and turn off some options

or click on the Low end button. Changing the following options should

increase the performance of the game.



Scrolling between actions Off

Isometric animations Off

Battle speed Instant

Extra Battle amimations Off

Isometric Audio Environment Off

Low memory video card On

Sound FX volume Off

Music Volume Off

e) Contact us

For further assitance, you can reach us at the following

Phone (514) 844-4 Monday to Friday from 800AM to 600PM eastern time

Fax (514) 844-47 Attn support


You can also visit our website at http//

When you call, please have the following information handy for faster service

Computer type and processor speed

Amount of RAM (memory)

Operating System Used

Type of video and sound card

Amount of memory on the video card

Version of DirectX installed on your machine.

All this information can be obtained through the dxdiag utility.


III) Miscellaneous


f) Manual addendum

The following option is not mentioned in the manual

- Inverse mini map mouse behavior (on/off) inverses the way the mini map

scrolls when clicked upon

g) Multiplayer over LAN

You may play a -4 player multiplayer game of Disciples II over a LAN using

only one CD, but each person must hotswap the CD when they launch

Disciples II. To Hotswap

1) Place the Disciples II CD in the CD-ROM drive and launch the game.

) When the main menu appears, remove the CD-ROM from the drive and

pass it to the next player on the LAN.

) Each player repeats steps 1 and .

4) When starting a multiplayer game session, the Host MUST have the

Disciples II CD-ROM in their CD-ROM drive.



h) Exported leaders for the expansion campaigns

In order to play the new expansion campaigns, you will need high-level

leaders (level 10 or higher) that have been exported from the original

campaigns or skirmishes. To that effect, appropriate leaders have been

placed in the BonusExported Leaders folder on disc 1. Simply copy

these files into the Exports folder located in the folder where

Disciples II - Guardians of the Light is installed.

Note that these leaders are the minimum required to play these new

campaigns. You are encouraged to play through the original campaigns

first, and export your leader at the end.

Also note that using any cheats will disable exporting of leaders.

i) Special Thanks

A special thanks goes out to the following individuals for additional

last minute beta testing

Ryan Bastien

Stephane Brault

Doug Campbell

Mark Cecere

Mark Esposito

Julien Fullum

Paul Gadbois

Simon Lamoureux

David Mallet

Jeff Millett

Nathan Pinard

Adam Phillips

Jay Podilchuk

Ryan Valade

Special thanks also go to Eva Bunodiere for her work on the Scenario

Editor Manual.

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