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The time spent on researching the chosen topic was unnerving. Many believe that the idea of racial discrimination is ancient and phased out by the civil rights movement that was started many years ago. These are people that have not been discriminated against enough to really notice it exists. Every one at one point or another has experienced it, but only those that truly believe in its existence have first hand knowledge of it. The definition itself is very vague, not giving a clear understanding of the accurate meaning. Discrimination goes far beyond the act of turning someone down for a loan or not getting a job that is more than deserved. Those things are very serious but discrimination is the small act of being followed around by employees at a department store, pulled over for no real reason and the refusal of proper service. All these actions are caused by a way of thinking that starts from childhood. It is engraved into the minds of children at such a young age it is almost impossible to reverse the behavior. One of the worst improprieties committed by many, is they believe they have an understanding of what discrimination is because they have read about it, know someone who has experienced it, or are taking a small incident and labeling it a tragedy.

It is safe for me to say I have experienced and witnessed discrimination. I can also say I have not been the victim of discrimination the way many others less fortunate. By less fortunate I am not implying to people of less income, education or class I mean those robbed of their basic human rights. It does not matter how much money you have or who you know the majority amount of discrimination happens in a split second. When the act is in progress the person being judged is nothing more than all the stereotypes that have been fed and learned for many years. The person judging does not realize that one day they to will be judged also. While working in a department store there are many different types of people that come in and out every day. As a part of training we were given a video to watch to helps us understand store safety and security procedures. The tape illustrated scenarios and what to do if it were to happen. I was appalled when I sat through the fifteen minute display of blatant discrimination. All the shoplifters were either African American or Latino. Later, I further noticed that when costumers wanted service it was not always evenly spread. The most disturbing fact was those people that were ignored or treated badly were used to the foul treatment. This adds to the idea that it is okay to treat people as second class citizens, and plays a huge part on the self worth of the victims. We are lucky to have the opportunity to see the variety the world has to offer in the comfort of our own backyard. Regrettably many do not perceive it that way.

It is wrong for people to believe it is right to impose their personal ideas on others for selfish motives. Just because something is different does not make it wrong. Diversity is a privilege not a burden. If the masses could only understand the amount of knowledge that could be absorbed from others things would be different. Many feel it is easier to assume information than it is to take the time to challenge one's self. No one likes to admit fault, but it is a certainty of life no one is always right.

Living in the United States is very important to many people. The fundamentals we all take for granted are predominantly nonexistent in most other countries. It is not right to tell some one that they do not deserve to live there life in a country that allows so much opportunity when we who are already here do not take advantage of it. One day we will not have the luxury and will be on the other side and will suffer as they do. The most important thing I have learned because of this constant experience is to focus on what is important. It is meaningless to be angry and irritated over someone else's ignorant mentality and actions. Essentially I have to strive to control my urge to judge those that judge me. In respect for all those that truly wanted to gain civil rights for everyone a step was made though Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They started a revolution that will go on for many generations to come. The step they took was of the up most importance, but it was only the unearthing of a vast disease plaguing societies all over the world.

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