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Feudal society

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What is what is feudalism and how was it established?

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During the ninth and tenth centuries the Carolingian Empire was overwhelmed by the invasions of the Muslims, Magyars, and the Vikings. The Muslims sent armies to attack the southern coasts of Europe and also southern France. The Magyars, people of western Asia established themselves on the plains of Hungary towards the end of the ninth century. They invaded Western Europe, but were overthrown at the Battle of Lechfeld in Germany during the year of 55. After being overthrown they converted to Christianity and created the kingdom of Hungary. The most extensive attack of that time was by the Vikings (Northmen /Norsemen) of Scandinavia. They were Germanic people, and excellent shipbuilders and sailors. In fact they had the best ships of that period that carried about 50 men. With this advantage the Vikings were capable of sailing up the European rivers and then attack at a distance. During the ninth century they effortlessly defeated the small local armies, scoured the villages/towns, and destroyed the churches. By the year of 850 Viking groups of Norway had settled in Ireland. Beginning in the year of 11 France gained a new section known to us today as Normandy. This was the result of the western Frankish land ruler making the choice to supply certain Vikings land at the mouth of the Seine River.

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After all of the invasions a new political order was established in attempt by the royal governments to defend their citizens. The new order was called feudalism, this creating a Feudal Society.

What is feudalism anyway? If you were to look this up in a book or on the Internet you might be given a definition similar to this, "A military system based on the idea of vassalage. Vassals served their lord in a military capacity so in return, they would receive care for their needs." For many this definition can be a little confusing…. So for those of us who aren't quite literate enough to understand this definition, let's put it into plain and simple English. Basically, feudalism is an agreement between a vassal and his lord. A vassal can be described as a warrior. They dressed in armor made of metal links or plates, and armed with swords. Their lord was in other words the warrior's leader or chief. This agreement between the two, is a system of the warriors swearing an oath of loyalty to their leaders and promising to provide protection for them performing military services. For example, the warriors were to fight in the army for their leaders. Making financial payments to the lord such as the knighting of the lord's oldest son, the marriage of his oldest daughter, and the even paying the ransom of the lord if he was ever kidnapped was just another obligation of a vassal. They were also required to attend when asked, their leader's court to give them advice, and may even be requested to sit in the judgment of a legal case. In return for the warrior's services, the leaders would provide them with the care that they needed. To ensure that everyone kept their word and followed the agreement they had made, an unwritten contract called the feudal contract was developed.

Subinfeudation however, is what complicated it all. It presented a complication regarding the feudal contract. The problem was when vassals of a king would have a vassal themselves. A vassal that may had only been a knight that had land that was incapable of providing him with the income needed for the equipment he would use when performing the expected military services. Because of this, the lord-vassal relationship joined the greater and lesser landowners together. These relationships of the lords and vassals were always honorable and never servant like.

Feudalism brought the people together so nicely that the idea spread to England, Germany, central Europe, and Italy. This system allowed everyone to have a chance at life and also kept the society safer. The vassals were protecting the lords, and the lords were protecting the vassals. The understanding between the two landowners worked out so well, that some of the other surrounding countries realized that this is what they needed to do and wanted to have a Feudal Society as well. Although feudalism was originally the product of the Carolingian world, the system was a widely spread idea because of all it's positive effects on a society.

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