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The want for power

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There are many different relationships between knowledge and power. Some are more obvious than others. One of the more obvious ones is that you cannot have power without knowledge, and you cannot have knowledge without asking questions. This relationship is shown in Doctor Faustus and Federigo's Falcon.

In Doctor Faustus, Faustus is in such an immense need for power that he forgets about knowledge. Faustus is very stupid. He asks all the questions, but does not listen for the answers. Even as Lucifer's followers are "forever damned with Lucifer," which Mephostophilis tells him very bluntly, he still chooses not to listen, and continues asking pointless questions. He wants his power too much (7). He lets his want for power empower all of his thoughts so much that "the word 'damnation' terrifies him not" (5). It should terrify him though, because Mephostophilis had been giving little side comments to him the whole time about how bad it really is.

Throughout all of Mephostophilis' answers, he gives Faustus some clue as to how terrible domination is. Faustus' only problem is he lets his want for power drown out what he is saying and doesn't listen to him. Faustus says "he confound hell in Elysium", thinking he will be happy there, and he will be treated specially . even though they are "unhappy spirits" (60, 71). If he would listen he would know that he is not going to be happy there. Also, the spirits "fell" with Lucifer. Usually when you fall you go from something good to something bad, so coming down from heaven was a bad thing. Even though Faustus did ask questions, he did not listen to the answers. If he had he would have known not to sell his soul for power when actually he was giving away all his power.

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In Federigo's Falcon, Monna came over to Federigo's house to ask him for the falcon. Federigo, not knowing that, cooked the falcon for her, because he wanted to impress her. If Federigo had asked why she had come to his house, Monna would have told him about the Falcon. If he had asked her questions he would have gained the knowledge. Federigo would have found out that she wanted the falcon. Then, he would gain power and would not have cooked the bird. If he had had the knowledge in the first place, he would have had more power over the situation. All he had to do was ask Monna a question and everything would have been solved.

In all of these stories the characters could have gained their knowledge so easily if they would have just asked questions. If they had, then they would have gained knowledge that could have helped them make wiser decisions that could have benefited each one of them in some way.

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