Friday, December 4, 2020


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Date Wed, Jan 00 1144 -0000

To 07dgs



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Some good tips here. Especially the one about do you want to stay with JS.

Ill give you an extra bottle of champagne if you get colleagues to score 8 or

more for each question. This will give us 80% score overall and top of the

region. Last time the average score was 7.%


-----Original Message-----

From Linda Lunn

Sent Wed /01/00 1040




PF 1=Help =Exit =Return 4=Query 5=Action 7=Backward 8=Forward EMCC0000


Well, its here once more and we could say at a more suitable time of year,

however I am sure there will be holidays to consider.

As a reminder here are some pointers to consider on the lead up.

Questionnaire completion commences 17.....If its your first time-please talk

to one of your cluster stores to gain further tips!

PLAN PLAN PLAN, you have 4 weeks to access all colleagues to complete

forms, think about holidays, long terms sick...

Where will you complete forms

Have we taken time to collate all the things that have happened in the last

year..on a notice board or in a personal letter-sell the positives

How will you plan to launch to the colleagues

PF 1=Help =Exit =Return 4=Query 5=Action 7=Backward 8=Forward EMCC0000

Remember to watch for questions which may be misleading, eg. I want to stay

with Sainsburys. Students clearly will not by

virtue of the fact they will have other careers-they should want to stay

with us in the short term however!

Some stores ask colleagues to either answer YES/NO-not in the middle, eg

rather than neither agree nor disagree be specific!

Teams-how many are starting to talk up the Talkback completion-you need

their buy in to release colleagues to complete forms

When you are not available-who covers for you

Staff council-have we reminded them of achievements/success in the past

year-Store Manager should do this

We cannot force colleagues to complete but we need to understand why they

dont want to

PF 1=Help =Exit =Return 4=Query 5=Action 7=Backward 8=Forward EMCC0000

The questionnaire completion is P and C-do NOT encourage colleagues to

jointly complete their forms

As ever we would prefer 100% completion, and as ever there will be gifts for

your good selves according to levels of achievement!

100% completion-bottle of champagne or £15 gift voucher

5-% Bottle of wine/case of beer to the value of £10

-4% Box of Chocolates

As soon as I have further detail re Questionnaires/collections etc I will

inform you.


-------------( end of letter )--------------------------------------------------

PF 1=Help =Exit =Return 4=Query 5=Action 7=Backward 8=Forward EMCC0000

-------------( end of letter )--------------------------------------------------

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