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I come home, Dad is drinking again. He starts getting really mean and mum is cracking jokes, trying to cover up. I go lay on my bed, later a huge fight erupts I wait for them to stop yelling at each other. But I know it won't ever end. Their drinking is an every night thing. It all started when I was about seven I remember recognizing it, but not understanding it.

I wake up every morning praying that this day will be better than yesterday. I pull away the see through sheet that is used as a curtain. The sun hits my face I took in the fresh morning mist as I squeeze into my tight denim shorts, I wore them everyday as they were my only pair.

I walked into the lounge bottles everywhere and the distinct smell of stale alcohol filled my lungs it reminded me of the local pub just down the road. There were collapsed bodies spread throughout the room. Dad was curled up on the floor next to mum his hand engulfed with vomit my stomach turned. I Creeped over the dead weights trying not to wake them as I made my way to the kitchen, there was a piece of crust left. I gobbled it down quickly.

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I searched the house for any stray coins and found five bucks behind the couch. I grabbed my huge school bag then headed off to school with the other kids in my neighbourhood. As soon as I got into the school I felt a sense of security. I loved to learn and loved how the teachers were so knowledgeable, I wanted to be one. I was so glad today because wouldn't have to eat my friends leftovers because I was ordering lunch with all the other kid's today I was special.

I was very independent for a ten year old girl. I was self sufficent with no discipline. I was never made to do anything, yet I was always up to date with my school work, attended school everyday and kept out of trouble. The bell rung, it was home time. But I would stay and play on the playground until it dark.

When I would return home my parents didn't ask where I had been or why I wasn't home for tea, and it didn't really matter anyway because there was no hot meal waiting for me and no parents worrying where I was. Most of the time mum and dad would be down the road getting pissed but in a way I liked being home alone, it was peaceful silent just how I liked it and there was no loud music and no pissed idiots repeating themseleves every five minutes. I couldn't talk to my parents because they were pretty.

I had a feeling that tonight was going to be different from the rest as I headed off too sleep. I heard footsteps coming from outside my window, I hid under my sheets I was scared. I presumed it would my parents coming home, It's

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