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In an effort to continually promote the policies and practices for good password management, it is mandatory for all users of DeCA Information Systems to follow proper password procedures.

A recent security evaluation included an analysis of the passwords used in DeCA. As a result of that analysis, over 100 (approximately 5%) of DeCA user account passwords were successfully guessed in less than 40 minutes. Because this is a major concern from a security standpoint, DeCA IT is requiring all users change their Windows domain and systems password NLT 1800 prevailing local time June 0. All users will be prompted to change passwords upon logging onto the network and applications. To ensure compliance has been met with the requested password change, a follow-up analysis will be done. Any failures to comply with this change will be reported to the DeCA CIO.

DeCA has modified the password policy IAW DODI 8500., Information Assurance, dated February 6, 00. When creating your new password, the following criteria MUST be met

Ø Passwords must contain at least eight characters.

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Ø More is better, up to 14 characters for Windows.

Ø Passwords must contain at least one upper-case letter.

Ø Passwords must contain at least one lower-case letter.

Ø Passwords must contain at least one number (0 - ).

Ø Passwords must contain at least one special character such as & % ! / ( + .

Ø Passwords should NOT be reused.

Ø Each new password should differ from the old password in at least 4 characters.

Please use the following guidelines when creating your new password

Ø DONT use names, especially the names of spouses, children, pets, etc.

Ø DONT use passwords that contain words such as password, secret, money, or DeCA.

Ø DONT use dates or numbers such as birthdays, anniversaries, Social Security numbers, license plate numbers or other numbers that can easily be associated with you.

Ø DONT use any word that is found in a dictionary. Password cracking tools use dictionaries too.

Ø DONT spell otherwise prohibited words backwards.

Ø DONT use any of the sample passwords listed in this e-mail.

Ø DO use both upper and lower case letters.

Ø DO take the first letter or two from each word in a phrase to create a nonsense word. Dont give up the ship! could become Dogiupthsh!.

Ø DO put two unrelated words together and mix the case. For example - giLLwheeL, fasT-BLue.

Ø DO abbreviate words in the same way that you would for a vanity license plate - Tennis anyone? becomes 10isNE1?. Going for broke becomes GoN4Brok.

Ø DO mix in numbers and special characters as shown above. This makes a password more difficult to guess.

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