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AS ICT Project

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AS ICT Project

Describe the business or the organisation

· What does it do?

· The size of the business (Numbers of employees and number of customers)

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· The sort of information the business uses (estimates, letters etc.)

· Who does what within the business?

· Some of the problems the business is having!

· The main task you intend to solve.

Project Aims

· ICT is concerned with the way in which we collect, process, store, transfer and communicate information.

· A project 'aim' is an overall target for your project work.

"To create an automated invoicing system for xyz builders".

Finding out about your organisation/ task


· Before your interview prepare in advance, can you find any info out about the business in advance?

· Who is the end user? Is there just one person or are there several? Will they all want to do the same things?

· How will you arrange the interview? You could arrange the interview and write the letter in advance confirming the date and time. This could be useful as you could send a copy of the questions that you want to ask in advance to give people time to consider before hand.

· Keep copies of any letters sent and the replies that you get back (most important), as they can be put into your project.

· You must plan the question sin advance before the interview?

· Don't ask too many questions. You will probably only need to ask no more than 10. Don't take up too much time or gather too much information at once. It is better to arrange another meeting when you have had chance to consider the answers from your first interview and then you may focus your questions into specific areas.

· You will record the answers from the interview and then you should write them up straight away!

· It would be useful and polite to send a copy of your write up of the interview to the interviewee and ask them to sign it as a true record of the interview. This has several advantages

· You get confirmation that what you have written is correct!

· It gives you the chance to include any questions that you forgot to ask or now realise you need the answer to.

· It provides more evidence to go in your project.

· You also know that you are working with correct facts rather than your interpretation of what is said.

· At the interview you may have the opportunity to ask for and collect copies of documents used by the organisation (invoices, quotes, application forms, appointment cards, customer records). These could be blank copies or preferably contain data.

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