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White Squall Essay

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During the Trust Phase in Project Adventure, our goals were to practice trust falls, learn to spot for each other, and create a safe and comfortable environment. The purpose of these activities was to gain trust in your partner and in the group. Throughout the Trust Phase, we learned to use correct positions, the commands, and safety issues to perform successful trust falls. We did different types of falls. At the beginning, we did one-man trust falls, where you slightly fell backwards and your partner caught you and brought you forward. We also did pendulum-like falls, where you had two spotters spotting you, one in the front and one in the back. This type of fall is not so different from the previous trust falls. You just fell back and forth. As the days went by, the intensity of the falls gradually increased. At the very end of the Trust Phase, we had to fall off a certain number of mats and a group of people caught you. Trust falls allowed us to cooperate and communicate with each other. We learned to care about everyone's feeling and level of comfort. We gained trust in each other.

White Squall is a true story about a group of American teenage boys who joined a school sailing ship to gain experience and discipline. They began an adventure on the sea that would change their lives forever. They followed a thorough course of studies, while the spent a period of time at sea as the crew of the Albatross with a stern captain. During the journey, the boys were pushed away from adolescence as they explored the Caribbean and South Pacific. Their captains severe ways formed them into young men. The boys bonded with each other as they overcame various obstacles. Nevertheless, as the Albatross drew near to the end of her trip shes stricken by an extreme weather condition known as a white squall. It was their biggest obstacle. The storms results are tragic and the young men that remain along with their captain learn to endure together.

The captain of the "Albatross" said, "It takes discipline out here, there are no special cases." This quote is very significant to the story of the White Squall. Without the discipline, respect and cooperation of the crew of the "Albatross," they would not be able to conquer their biggest obstacles. When the captain said, "… there are no special cases," he meant that everyone on his ship would go by his rules, no exceptions. As the days went by the boys learned to be a group. They became friends and helped each other when there is trouble. For instance, they worked together to study for the S.A.T. It took a lot of discipline for them to work with each other. At first, they were hostile and did not care about each other. Eventually, they learned how to work together.

Just like with the Trust Phase, us students needed discipline. We needed it for many reasons, for safety, respect and the relationships we had with each other. We need this in order to achieve a successful unit. Like in the "Albatross," discipline is needed for a successful journey. The captain of the "Albatross" could be compared to our teacher. Both of them tried hard to discipline their students for a safety and fun environment. Without discipline the Trust Phase would be chaotic. With the trust falls we needed focus and discipline to create that safe and comfortable environment. We couldn't fool around because someone might get hurt. There were also no special cases for discipline. Everyone had to listen, cooperate and focus. It really did take discipline for us to make the Trust Phase successful. Even though discipline is not the only factor that affected the success of the trust falls, it was definitely a huge part of it.

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To be able to conquer and succeed in any given event it takes respect, safety, responsibility and discipline to achieve your goals. I learned that taking risks could be very hard but once you try to participate and cooperate, it would help you a lot in succeeding. Interacting with new people and doing new stuff can prepare you for the future. When people created a safe and comfortable environment it helped decrease the level of the risk taking. You get a feeling of relief knowing that you're safe and comfortable with everyone. The Trust Phase made me realize that the students in my class were very responsible, respectful and supportive. For the future experiences in the Ropes Courses I have no worries working with such a strong group. I hope that our group stays supportive, respectful and responsible. I only fear hurting myself, but I'll do my best to work hard and stay positive.

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