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Themes of Literature


"Love is born with the pleasure of looking at each other, it is fed with the necessity of seeing each other, it is concluded with the impossibility of separation!" So is marriage a job, or is it a beautiful thing? Do people enjoy the emotion and the romance of love, or is it just something to do? Everyone can be touched by the romantic aspects of quotes like this particular one, however this is not a realistic conception of love. In my opinion, most love scenarios are based on materialistic things, and there really is no such emotion which consumes a man and a women to become one. There are basic essential reasons why people "love" one anther. The conveniences of the relationship is the primary reason. This can be broken down into sub sections. Those sub-sections include child bearing and economic circumstance which play an important role in the "so called" emotion of love.

Almost ninety percent of American women marry a man who earns more money than they do. While economic situations play a role in every thing we do in life, economic circumstances are also the vital reasons for marriages. The simple fact that only ten percent of women marry men who are of equal or less financial status proves this. Many women in America work part time, while their spouse works full-time and brings home the majority of the family's income. Women's economic benefits from marriage are excessive. Economic stability is important to everyone. In today's society, two incomes are the difference between a suburban neighborhood and an urban one. Most people prefer a suburban neighborhood, marriage enables more people to choose this.

In today's culture many women have children out of wedlock. In the year of 00 alone there were 1,58,768 births to children out of wedlock. The fathers who want to be apart of their child's life try to make the best of the situation. The mothers try to make the best of the situation as well, therefore the supposedly logical conclusion would be to marry each other, and take care of their situation. It is said that children keep families together. Parents feel obligated to stay together for the sake of their children. The father needs the mother for nurturing, and the mother needs the father for financial stability. These two things go hand in hand. For the child's sake the mother wants to live in a beautiful area, where the criminal activity is at a low. After a study that was taken place at the University of Berkeley, a conclusion was made that criminal activity occurs more frequently in lower income areas. While men do in fact have it in them to be nurturers, women are born with a natural instinct to nurture their child. This can be seen clearly in the naturalistic observation of the animal kingdom. Most people believe this and that is why two people stay married. They claim love when it is not love for each other, but rather love for the child they have made.

The first thing most people think about when they hear love is the romance of love. By romance of love, simply meant, the Romeo and Juliet, and similar stories. There is much more to love than that. Marriage is the symbol of love. When two people are in love they decide to make a lifetime commitment. With the life time commitment there are downfalls. Divorce rates have skyrocketed since World War II. Fifty percent of marriages are expected to fail. The divorce rates started rising in the sixties and rose even more during the seventies. They leveled off in the eighties and since then have declined slightly. More and more couples are divorcing for a numerous amount of reasons. Poor communications, financial problems, a lack of commitment, infidelity are all major reasons for divorce. These things are all very common occurrences in marriages.

At the time, marriage is a convenience for the two parties involved. There are many different situations as to what these conveniences pertain to, but they all fall under conveniences. Some reasons are, because of economical situations and other reasons are family situations. Either way it is what is convenient for the man and the women. In no way are most marriages based on this fabricated emotion between a man and a women that we believe is romantic love. This is I believe most love scenarios are based on materialistic things, and there really is no such emotion which consumes a man and a women to become one. In becoming one people would have to become selfless and except not only their own faults but the faults of another. While this is a conceivable notion it is rare. That is why love is rare and uncommon. So what is love? It is a situation that makes life easier. It is the farthest thing away from an emotion two people feel when they get to know each other.

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