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Private Prisons

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Private Prisons

Over the past decade, private prisons have boomed. Private corporations have taken a big interest in the incarceration business. According to Phil Smith's article "Private Prisons Profits of Crime," where there are people detained there are profits to be made. Corporations now control 1,00 beds for U.S. inmates, up at least eightfold since 10, based on statistics published in Holly Johnson's article called " Prisons of Profit Turning a Buck on America's Incarceration Frenzy." The reason is simple Anti-drug laws and stiffer mandatory sentences are pushing the prison population above two million. Governments are strapped for capital to build new cells, which leads them to turn to profit prisons seem to offer plenty of cells at below- market prices. If it could not be done cheaper than the government does it, then we wouldnt be in business now, says Brian Gardner, warden of the CCA prison in Youngstown. We believe in giving the taxpayer the best deal.

Private Prisons will find a way to make a profit on prisoners, even if they spend their entire time there in solitary confinement. This is done by using prison labor. Well known companies such as Microsoft, Victoria's Secret, TWA and Starbucks have all participated in using prisoners for labor. Inmates are paid minimal wages for their labor, increasing these company's' profit margins. This idea of making a profit seems like it has always been the case, even when private prisons hadn't been officially established.

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The idea of Private prisons dates back to slavery days, where prisoners were worked from dust to dawn will little pay if any. We all remember the days of lease and contract lease systems, where prisoners were leased by business owners from the state facilities, to work for them while serving time.

Although the principle and the ideas seem to be the same, the first official prison was said to have been established by Ronald Reagan former United States President, in 17, who at the time was governor of the state of California, according to Holly Johnson. For the most part private prisons held illegal immigrants during that time. But as the "Drug War" took over America, the prison population grew drastically, leading to an increase. According to the "Private Prisons article by Phil Smith, in the past five years alone, the number of private prisons has jumped 4 percent. They now house up to 100,000 of Americas 1.8 million inmates

A majority of these private facilities are heavily invested in on the Wall Street Market and the rest of the American Markets. Some of the top corporations include the CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) and Wackenhut. These private facilities claim can save taxpayers 15% of their tax dollars, normal paid to the state prisons.

The CCA was the first private corrections company in America. Since it's beginning in 18, when it was founded by investors of Kentucky Fried Chicken, it has grown to become the largest corrections company in the country according to Phil Smith's article. Its revenues are completely dependent on its private imprisonment. The CCA has steadily become the leader in the industry, with 1 detention facilities in the U.K. and Australia, housing more than 6,000 prisoners. Its profits are said to be up by 50 percent from its 11 end of the year figures, as cited by Phil Smith in his "Private Prison" article.

Wackenhut the second industry leader in private prisons was founded by a former FBI official by the name of George Wackenhut in the year of 154. Wackenhut remains to be one of the largest and well known, as well as the one of the most diversified leaders. Wackenhut started of as a small private well-connected security firm and has grown to be a global security conglomerate with earnings of $60. million in 00 according to the "Private Prison" article. It currently operates in five states, with 11 facilities, housing about 5,500 prisoners as quoted in the same article. Wackenhut also maintains facilities outside of the United States, in countries such as Australia, South America and Europe.

These industry leaders seem to do the government a favor by helping out with our prison system. While there seem to be many advantages to having a private prison system over a state prison system, there are also many disadvantages.

One of the advantages might include the cost reduction in the whole process of incarcerations by prisons. Private industries claim they can get the job done cheaper than the state, but whether they can get it done better is the question. Most companies end up cutting their costs in areas like programs for the inmates, training and pay for their employees, and staff, also lowering inmate living conditions. This leads to high turn over rates. It is a fact that security personnel who isn't paid sufficiently with some or no benefits and pension plans, is just not willing to risk his/her life to break up a fight for instance. Insufficient training by the employees in these private prisons leads to careless mistakes. Cuts in Staff Training has led to incidents such as and inmate walking out the front door wearing a guard's uniform, officers torturing inmates and inmates killing each other, according to the article "Prison Privatization" by Alex Friedman. Private prison guards are also said to be more susceptible to corruption. They do not get compensated well enough for the job they are performing, don't hold the same authority as a state guard would, and don't have the proper training making them more vulnerable to manipulation by inmates.

The main factor becomes profit for the company. Therefore rehabilitation becomes a failure. Inmates are no longer looked as people but as money profit machines. The longer they are kept at the facilities, the more money they will bring in, which gives these industries more reason to keep inmates as long as they possibly can. As the private sector becomes more involved in the operation of these facilities, increased pressure will be put on legislature to build more of these prisons, therefore increasing the opportunity for profit. This all will lead to even longer sentencing, fewer paroles and tougher parole oversights. Again we have started to warehouse people, not really keeping in my rehabilitation for these inmates, but seeing the flashing dollar sign.

Another disadvantage will be the monitoring of these private facilities. It will become much more difficult to screen. These facilities do not keep any public records, laws, or Public Meeting Acts, as state prisons do. Prisoner abuse will become much harder to both identify and prove. Many things out in the open in the state prison system will in the way be corrupt in the private system. There won't be facts or evidence regarding any issues, since hardly any records are kept.

These private prison companies have promised to do the job cheaper, but again that does not mean the job will be done better. If anything it seems to be done cheaper but at the cost of these inmates rights and life's. Finally, to many people, the idea of private prisons is simply repugnant in itself. Like the profitable funeral business, the business of prison management is seen by many as just plain unacceptable. Rational or not, their senses of making money from such unhappy situations as death or imprisonment, just seems morally wrong.

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