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Bear Farming

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Bear farming is not what the name makes it sound like. In fact, it is even worse. Bears are kept for their bile, which is taken out of their gall bladder. The bile is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Bear farming started in China in the early 180s, and since then has spread to at least 1 other Asian countries, including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India and Thailand. There are thousands of bears kept on farms in just China alone. While bear bile may be helpful for medicinal purposes, it is often misused in products like wine, tonic and shampoo. Bear farming is much too harmful to the bears because of the way they are kept, the procedure, and the results those two bring.

The bears are mistreated from the minute they are taken into custody. They are kept in cages that are too small for them to sit up, stand up or turn around in. Bears need a good, safe place to live like all other animals and humans. On the farms, they do not get that, and that is no way for them to live.

As if being kept in such confined cages was not bad enough, the procedure is even worse. A tube is inserted through the abdomen and into the gall bladder. This usually takes place twice a day for each bear. No veterinary help or care is used, leaving the open wounds to bleed and get infected. If a bear becomes aggressive during the bile extraction and they often do they are buckled and constrained.

The way they are kept and the procedure both leave negative results on the bears. They often try to escape from the cages and end up cutting themselves on the bars. The procedure is highly unsanitary, making them dirty and sick. After a while, their digestive system might fail, leading to a stop in production of bile. If that happens, they are no longer any use to the farmers and are left to die. This, and other reasons, cause many of the bears to die many years earlier than they would in the wild. If they live, they often lose their normal behavior; some have even eaten their own cubs.

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Bear farming is cruel and unnecessary. There are herbal and synthetic alternatives to bear bile that could be used in the medicine. Since the farming takes place in Asia, it is not stopped, but if it were to be done here, in the United States, it would be, due to regulations, laws and the majority of societys beliefs and views. There are animal rights groups from the United States working to free the bears from Asias farms. Also, bear bile is used in Chinese medicine, not American medicine. This shows how different the cultures are. It is important to learn about this because, although they have different ways of doing things, they have no right to torture the bears. It is not fair to hurt them, or to put them through such harmful, inhumane procedures. The bears deserve a free, safe, comfortable life.

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