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The sun also rises

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While some critics contend that The Importance of Being Earnest is

completely fanciful and has no relation to the real world, others maintain that

Oscar Wildes trivial comedy for serious people does make significant comments about social class and the institution of marriage. These observations include

the prevalent utilization of deceit in everyday affairs. Indeed the characters

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and plot of the play appear to be entirely irreverent, thus lending weight to

the comedic, fanciful aspect. However, this same factor also serves to

illuminate the major points that Wilde tries to convey about the English society

in which he lived.

Throughout the course of the play, Wilde portrays each of the main

characters in a way that reflects his views of the English aristocracy.

Algernon Moncrieff and Jack(Ernest) Worthington represent the prototypical male

bachelors. In the opening act, set in Algernons flat, the two meet and display

what appears to be their usual daily activities. Neither is employed, and it is

apparent that their only occupation is the pursuit of leisure activities and

social matters, subjects of major importance to them. When Algernon inquires as

to the purpose of Ernests visit to town, Ernest replies, Oh pleasure,

pleasure! What else should bring anyone preliminary qualifications that he must

meet before being engaged to Gwendolyn. These include money, family, and

politics. When Ernest does not meet the qualifications, he is denied Gwendolyn.

In the second act, the relationship between Algy and Jacks ward, Cecily,

parallel Ernest and Gwendolyns relationship. After certain flirting rituals,

Cecily admits to Algy that she loves him for his name, Ernest, and his image of

being wicked. When Algy proposes, Cecily declares that they had already been

engaged for three months, an engagement that she had imagined. When the

proposal is announced, Cecily is only accepted by Lady Bracknell because she has

enough money to support Algys lifestyle. Through the two relationships of

Ernest(Jack) and Gwendolyn and Ernest(Algy) and Cecily, Wilde conveys the notion

that love of such kinds is entirely arbitrary, and relationships are based on

deceit. Marriages, he contends, are simply an alliance between families to

preserve the aristocracy.

The end of the play culminates in the planning of marriages of Ernest to

Gwendolyn and Algy to Cecily. These marriages are made available only because

Jack(Ernest) discovers his true identity as one belonging to the Bracknell

family. When this is established, Ernest is allowed to marry Gwendolyn and it

seems as though he will allow Cecily to marry Algernon. However, the identity

Ernest discovers is the same that he has lied about throughout the entire play.

Thus, the relationships forged arbitrarily on

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