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Julius Caesar's and Brutus's Tragic Flaws

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In Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare the lives of the two main characters, Julius Caesar, the leader of Rome's army and Marcus Brutus, his loyal friend, tragically end. Julius Caesar and Brutus both have flaws. These flaws are what make this play great and tragic. Caesar was a proud ambitious leader who was feared to become too powerful and be made a dictator. Brutus' flaw was as Anthony said that he was an "honorable man". These flaws make the play interesting.

Julius Caesar's biggest flaw was his pride. He ignored warnings from people. He was told by a soothsayer to "Beware the ides of March" but Caesar ignored the warning and called the man a dreamer. He is ignores the warning of his wife Calpurnia. His wife has a dream that the senators were washing their hands in Caesars blood in front of Pompey's statue. Caesar then decides to stay and not go to the senate.

However Caesar's other flaw kicks in his vanity. Despite all the signs of true danger Caesar was convinced to go to the senate. Decius sees this flaw and takes advantage of it. He says that the Senate was going to give him the crown but might change its mind if he didn't come. Decius also said that Caesar would lose the peoples respect if they saw that he was cowardly. He said that the people wouldn't take him seriously if they knew that because his wife had a bad dream that he was not going to go to the senate.

Brutus's major flaw was his honor. His flaw was particularly his honor for Rome. He killed his best friend for the good of Rome. He didn't want Caesar to become too powerful and then become a permanent dictator. Brutus did love Caesar dearly he said, "As he was valiant, I honor him; but, as he was ambitious, I slew him", meaning that Caesar was a good man with good attributes but Brutus had to stop him to protect Rome.

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Brutus wanted to carve Caesar as "A dish fit for the gods", for he didn't want to just butcher Caesar. Caesar's last words were, "E Tu Brutte, E Tu?" this must have left great guilt on Brutus who had betrayed one of his closest friends.

Caesars major flaw was his pride. This flaw in the end caused his death. Brutus's flaw was his great honor and love for Rome. He had the noblest intentions of all the conspirators who killed Caesar. He only killed Caesar for the good of Rome. His nobility is recognized by Anthony who says "This was the noblest Roman of them all". These flaws are what make this play a good tragedy according to Aristotle.

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