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A Rocky shore…

Aim The aim of this was to find different species of animals and plant life on the rocky shore of Mooloolaba and determine where their habitats are and talk about their dangers and how they manage to survive.


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Results and discussion

The following answers to the questions is the information gathered on the day

1. A profile of the rocky shore shows


Physical features

Positions of dominate organisms

A key to the dominate organisms

. Four Dominate Organisms

Organism 1 Barnacle


A) All possible problems faced

· Battering from waves

· Predators such as Mulberry Shells

· Dehydration from sun

B) All characteristics the organism has to enable it to survive the problems

· Hard shell to protect from waves and predators.

· Gluey mucus to cement itself to the rock to prevent falling off.

C) The organism eats

· Algae that is brought in with every tide.

D) Protection from predators

· Its only defense is its Hard-shell to make it difficult for predators to get inside to eat the organism.

Organism Enemies


A) All possible problems faced





Organism Chiton






Organism 4 Crab







a) Most coastal habitats should have an extremely high concentration of animal life because there are lots of different microhabitats that suit amphibious terrestrial and aquatic organisms as well as a constant food supply.

b) Some coastal habitats are decreasing in the number of variety of life. This is due to constant human interfearance, erosion and sea levels rising due to the increase of temperature causing the ice poles to melt.

5) Different points on a bolder on a rocky shore may experience different physical conditions even though they are on the same rock.

a) relating to surface temperature

Depending on the time of day a or b may be more exposed

to the sunlight whereas c is completely covered. This exposure to the sun will effect the temperature for example- if an organism is fully exposed to the sun it will experience a higher temperate to what an organism would that is partially exposed or not exposed at all.

b) Relating to wave action

Depending on which direction the waves are coming from a or b would be would be under more harsh battering. If the direction of the waves were on point a side of the rock and organisms living there would have to withstand direct hitting of waves whereas organisms that live on point b side of the rock would not have as rough conditions as the water from the wave with glide over the top of the rock and down the other side in a more gentle motion. C does not experience any battering from the waves.

6) The following factors would differ in rock pools assuming it is low tide

Salinity The rock pools closer to the water at the LWM will have the lowest concentration of salt due to the lack of time for water to evaporate which causes the salinity of the water to rise as there is less water and more salt. Therefore rock pools at the HWM will have the highest concentration of salt.

Temperature Rock pools at the HWM will have the highest temperature because they are exposed to the sun for longer than the rock pools at the LWM. The pools at the LWM are constantly refilled with cooler water.

Oxygen The rock pools at the LWM will have the highest concentration of oxygen due to the constant movement on the water from the incoming waves. The HWM rock pools will have less oxygen because of the stillness and heating of the water.

Obviously rock pools at the MWM would have oxygen, temperature and salinity levels that are in between those of the HWM and the LWM.

7.) Hypothesis



The Rainforest and Eucalypt Forest……..



Q 1 The rainforest felt cold, wet and damp, and the sounds of birds and flowing water could be heard. The rainforest smelt fresh and as we went further into the forest it got cooler and the sound of water got louder.

Q Organisms in the rainforest fern, mosquitoes

Moss, butterfly, ants, stag horns, lichen, crows nest,

Vines, leaches, grass trees, birds, eucalyptus trees, bush turkey, tree fern, snail, spider, boatman, palm trees, toadstools

Q (a) The under story of the rainforest is thin and doesn't have many shrubs

Q 4 'Drip-tips' are the tips of leaves that point down

Q 5 (a) Strangler figs can be seen growing on other trees

(b) Seeds of strangler figs are dispersed in bird droppings.

(c) These trees are called 'strangler figs' because they strangle other trees.

Q 6 (a) young rainforest trees are usually very thin and spindley because they do not get enough light to grow because of the thick canopy.

(b) The purpose of buttress roots, is to assist the tree absorb oxygen if the soil becomes water logged.

Q 7 Various vines have adapted to the low light conditions in the rainforest by climbing other trees until they reach the sunlight.

Q 8 The 'leaf litter' that covers the floor of the rainforest is important because it puts nutrients into the soil after it is decomposed, it is then used as food for the plants.

Q The soil in the rainforest is not fertile enough for agricultural purposes as it is mainly leaf litter

Q 10 (a) Rainforests are also called closed forests because they have a closed canopy excluding light from the forest floor.

(b) The eucalyptus forest is dryer than the rainforest, and is slightly less green in colour. The eucalypt forest is also a little more spread out / less dense and rockier than the rainforest. This is due to the exposure to the hot sun.

Q 11 The grass trees with blackened stems have adapted to their environment in a way that they have become immune to the bushfires. They disperse their seeds during the very hot temperatures of the fire.

Q 1 (a) The soil on the hill going down to the water fall is very loose and crumbly, because it is dry due to the exposure to the sunlight.

(b) The soil on the hill wouldn't hold much water because of evaporation from the sun

Q 1 (a) The plants that are growing down the rock walls on the hill are Lichen.


Q 14

Q 15

Q 16 (a) After a fire has occurred, plants that dominate the area would be tall trees and grass trees because of their immunity and the tall trees would obtain little damage.

(b) After a fire it is possible for the rainforest to survive if the fire was small otherwise the fire would dry the soil out too much.

(c) As time passes after a fire the forest canopy will be damaged therefore there will be more understorey.

Q 17 This whole range was once covered with rainforest, much of which has been cleared.

Q 18 There has been considerate debate over the clearing of rainforests. There is particular concern about the possible clearing of the Daintree rainforest, and on a world wide scale, of the clearing of the Amazon rainforest.

Q 1 Two advantages of plants growing in the under story would be that they always have plenty of water and the soil they grow in is full of nutrients due to the decomposing of the fallen leaves and other forest 'litter'.

Two disadvantages of a plant living in the under story of the rainforest are insufficient light which slows down their growth rate, as they do not get enough light for photosynthesis, all of the energy gained from the sun is put into making food and not growing. Plants may also get flooded and washed away if there is to much rain and the soil can't hold all the water.

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