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Hamlets Predicaments

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The main players of the play arrive in Act2 Scene2. They are announced by a flourish of trumpets, which is the usual occurrence upon the arrival of actors. Yet, this is the second time in the scene we have heard such a grand entrance the first being that of the King and Queen at the start of the scene and therefore it imparts a similar feeling of importance for the players immediately. Hamlet himself welcomes them with great warmth and "entertainment." He has great admiration for these people and their lifestyle, which has the freedom from duties and of expression that Hamlet lacks.

Already in Act2 scene2, we see that Hamlet is conceiving plans and deception, as he warns of his contrived madness:

"I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw", and so we see that he is already taking on some of the tricks of a player in order to conceal his true ideas, posing as a madman. Yet, Hamlet plays director to the players, and so they become his pawns to manipulate the reactions of the audience within the play, but most specifically to "catch the conscience of the King." However we have already seen how Hamlet holds little belief in outward expressions and "trappings", believing that they do not show what's real and honest, "that within which passes show" in his role as a rebel idealist and great supporter of truth so different from Claudius. It is interesting, therefore, that Hamlet should give the players so much praise, not that he does this without criticism seeing it as monstrous that they should be able to evoke such grief, thus appearing as "dull" dreamer.

He even compares actors with prostitutes, implying that they are selling their souls, their emotions to the public, "like a whore [who can] unpack heart with words." Indeed, the imagery of "the stage with tears" reflects back to Hamlets disgust at Gertrude´s weeping and dejected humour of the visage in the first act. Hamlet has realised that as an idealist, he can never be fulfilled, he too "must like a whore" to deceive and in the soliloquy of act2 scene2, he is clearly working himself up, attempting to take actor qualities in his almost pantomimic choice of words and rhythms: "…treacherous, lecherous, kindless villain! … ,what an ass am I?" The play is a striking reflection of the disorder within Elsinore. It is a play about kings and queens, and with it Hamlet intends to provoke Claudius into some confession or evidence of his guilt. Yet the play also questions Hamlet himself, and so the speech of the player's king should to some extent catch the conscience of the prince. Yet Hamlet is too caught up in the purpose, he needs passion, like that of the players in order to avenge. Instead he is waiting for the "ripe fruit" to fall with fall being a sign that the time is ripe or right.

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