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Causes of Teenage Suicides

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"Every ninety minutes a teenager somewhere in America kills himself." This figure is very astonishing and overwhelming, when taken the time to think about. Experts say there are many warning signs to watch for. Among them are prolonged depression, chronic anger, aggression/frustration, threats or mentions of suicide, and a traumatic loss of someone close. If you as a friend notice these signs, you should immediately offer some verbal support to these people.

This pain could be deprived from abuse, problems at home, pressures, exams, money, work, relationships and/or chronic addictions such as drugs and/or alcohol. These series of events are impossibilities or failures, such as problems at home or school, that feel overwhelming to the person. The next phase is when the person begins feeling emotionally broken; as if there is no one there that understands what it is they're feeling and going through. This leads to isolation with their thought and a problem, which is unhealthy because it gives them time to ponder over all of their worries. Eventually, if no one notices this problem, it could lead to suicide.

One may ask what's going on in the head of a suicidal teen when he/she decides to kill himself? They may be thinking of pressures such as the wide spread of alcohol and other drugs unheard of forty or fifty years ago. These people usually just want to "fit in" or be part of "the group". The worst frame of mind for and attempted suicide is when all the individuals problems seem to come crashing down on them all at once. This is when they need the most support and guidance from their loved ones. A sign that someone cares and wants to understand their feelings and emotions can be all it takes to decide the difference between life and death.

Often attempts of suicide are a cry for help of attention. Not all victims are meant to kill themselves. People attempting this tend to have low self-esteem. Counseling, teen information lines, clinics, and doctors are able to reduce the threat to the person seeking help. A lot of times after prolonged treatments; these people are placed in a psychiatric ward or institution. Offering non-judgmental support, being a good listener, and contributing your time are all positive ways for a parent or friend counteract suicidal thoughts.

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Thus it is apparent that suicide is a serious and dangerous threat to teens that feel under pressured and emotionally stressed. Counseling is a very effective way to minimize this threat. By understanding the early warning signs given by suicidal individuals, more adolescents may be given a chance to live a long, safe life.

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