Wednesday, November 25, 2020

My Most Embarrassing Moment

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My Most Embarrassing Moment

September 0, 00, it is 6am and the anticipation of the Eagles VS Cowboys football game, was in the air. This would be my first time attending a football game and considering I am a cowboy's fan the excitement was there. This outing was a treat to myself for my birthday. And it turned into a really embarrassing moment that I will never forget.

I was ready to leave and drive to the stadium by 1000 am. The game started at 400pm. I packed the truck up and headed up the road to Pennsylvania. The drive was long and the clouds were coming in. I thought to my self, I wonder if my seat is under anything to keep me dry. But not to matter, I was so excited about going it didn't matter if I got a little wet. After hours on the road I was almost at the stadium. Driving around looking for the stadium I ended up getting lost. But thanks to a nice stranger he helped me find the way. I was at the football stadium finally. Wow! I thought to myself how great it is to be here. There were thousands of people there. The parking lot was full of people eating, drinking beer, and chanting their team songs. I hung out there for an hour or so and had a few beers from one of the Eagle fans that had a keg in the back of his truck. I didn't tell him I was a Cowboys fan I heard horror stories about the Eagle fans and I wasn't about to risk being beat up or teased. I loved every minute of it. As it ended up, my seat was real close to the field. The rain looked like it was steadily coming towards us and I had no cover or umbrella. I thought I would purchase a plastic poncho or something but they were nowhere to be found. The game started and I had already had five cups of beer. I was feeling great and you could feel the excitement in the stadium.

Two quarters go by and the cowboys are not winning as usual but I still love them. Its half time and everyone is heading to the bathrooms and to fill up their beers and get some good food. So I think to myself I should go to the restroom and fill up my beer also. Well as I proceeded up the stairs that looked like they would go on forever I lost my balance and started to slip. I grabbed the railing but this did me no good. I ended up somehow going backwards on my buttocks down concrete stairs. People everywhere just watching me. I was so embarrassed, when I did get up, everyone started clapping. When I did make it finally up to the restroom, I noticed that a wet spot was on my pants.

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I learned a valuable lesson that day. Don't drink too much beer at a football games. This could result in awkward moments.

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