Friday, November 27, 2020

Mental Illness & Substance Abuse

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Mental Illness & Substance Abuse

A look at the numbers shows that mental illness and substance abuse are becoming one of the biggest problems in the world. Mental illness concerns much more than just "crazy people" and "lunatics." The common misconception that mental illness is controllable by the affected person is not true. For most, mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain and can only be treated with medicine.

When 18 million Americans suffer from a mood disorder, and 0 million have a form of anxiety disorder, it makes one think that this problem would at least be more commonly known. One of the biggest problems with mental illness is that it is totally up to the affected person to seek professional help. These people generally have chronic, inflexible personality patterns which make them not want to seek treatment. For the ones that do seek treatment they have to deal with the stigma attached to mental illness as well as the cost of healthcare because most insurance doesn't cover mental health. This in itself is a travesty for the mere fact that the federal government knows this is a growing problem in America and still isn't doing enough to help.

Substance abuse is considered a form of mental illness. Abuse is defined as use that causes clinically important distress in a 1 month period. This holds true for every drug except caffeine. It is believed that by the year 00, cigarettes will be the number one killer in America, killing one of every six people in America. That's because nine of ten people that smoke will become addicted to them. Although it is said that 50 to 60% of alcoholism is genetic, it doesn't make the fact that 8.1 million Americans are alcoholics alright. 1.7 million Americans are considered problem drinkers. This costs the U.S. 76 million dollars in lost productivity per year. This again is a major problem in America.

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The solution is almost certainly in the hands of the government and insurance agencies. This would be in the form of financial support to those that are in need. This is more commonly known as parity. It is predicted that a family premium would only raise .5% for parity (http// For such a large and continually growing problem the .5% seems worth it. Prevention and treatment of such problems would certainly cause all the numbers to decrease, as well as make America a generally more healthy country.

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